Flying the Pitts Special...things I can't do

New challenge for the Pitts Try not hitting the trees taking off from Williamson Sodus NY runway 28 departure when you immediately bank left after takeoff I cannot avoid hitting the trees

That’s a 3800ft runway. How can this be a problem?

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I just have to do more reading up on that plane before getting back into the aircraft

Simply firewall the throttle and be prepared to counteract the sudden yaw.
You will be airborne in no time.

I’m not, just flying with aelierons. So lotta acrobatics I can’t do. However, I order Saitech foot pedals yesterday.

How does you not using padels relate to hitting the trees or not? As PZL104 said the Pits climbs like a kite. Should not be a problem to avoid any trees in the vicinity of a runway?

Not only aerobatics. There’s no way to control takeoff and landing without any form of rudder control.

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For these type of aircraft you really want rudder pedals. Flap less acro aircraft are usually slipped for landing.

Slipping is a cross control condition where ailerons and rudder are used to literally fly the aircraft sideways and create drag.

Rudder pedals will be worth it, even if you get cheap ones. Also because they usually offer individual brake axis for left & right wheels.

How do I trim the Pitt to level flight? Way too much back pressure on the stick but I cant see a way to trim. Stupid, blind? perhaps, but I cant find a trim mechanism. help pls

Trim lever is a rod on the left side of the cockpit under the throttle.

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