Flying the RNAV 27 approach into Dundee (EGPN) in the SR22

Flying in from Edinburgh using the default flight planning Low Altitude IFR and live weather.

Turning onto the final approach, hitting APR on the autopilot and the plane immediately tries to stall as it maxed out up trim.

I was in perfect landing configuration. Height was a little under the glidepath, speed about 85 kts, ten degrees of flaps. For some reason the autopilot tries to climb while the plane is descending following the glidepath. Eventually stall warning blares and I take over manual control while furiously trimming down.

Don’t know if this is an autopilot issue or an RNAV approach issue.

Not in developer mode and the only things in the community folder are some liveries and the Navdata download from Navigraph.

It’s hard to imagine what happens based on your written description on its own. If you have a recording that you can share, it would really help the rest of us understand what actually happened.

But all in all, while I never flew on the SR22 so I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. But in the A320, I tend to avoid using the APR button on an RNAV approach. I just follow the navigraph charts as to what the FPA descent angle is down to the runway from a specific waypoint, and I just time everything.

I use the NAV mode to keep following the flight path, while I set my FCU to prepare for the FPA descent angle, once I reached that waypoint specified by the navigraph chart, I engage the FPA descent mode, and as soon as I have visual of the runway and it’s on a stable descent profile, I disengage AP and handfly the aircraft down to the runway.

I only use the APPR button on an ILS approach.

It used to be the APR mode was only for IlS coupling. Has this changed?