Flying through a white light

I am sure the question has already been asked but I can’t find the answer.
When flying at night, with a dark cockpit with low lights, I often see a white glow fading in and out in a few seconds, as if I was going through a big white light that enligths the whole cockpit for a while (2 to 3 seconds). It always happens close to an airport, right after taking off or on short final before landing.

I am sure these are not UFO lights :slight_smile:
Do you have an idea what that is? Or what is it supposed to mimic?


It almost sounds like you’re flying through low-level clouds with the landing lights reflecting back into the cockpit.


Which aircraft?
Some have a little bleed through of landing or beacon lights.

No, it also happens in clear weather.

I saw that in a custom aircraft I am creating. I don’t think it is a bleed through because this light is not always visible, only when flying at a certain place.
It also happens with MSFS standard planes, I will try to record a video to show this.

I finally had the answer. It is not a bug of the sim, it is a problem with the custom aircraft I am using because the 3D model is not finalized yet and the landing gear light enters the cockpit. This is why I couldn’t reproduce it with any standard aircraft. I was sure it also happened with standard aircraft, but my memory was wrong.