Flyinside B206 B3 Discussion

I didn’t think that but you do still need to run it before a new flight to verify the purchase, right?

So when that is removed, how will we access the thing that lets us set the various options and stick curves?

Really looking forward to the update BTW. Your 206 has become my favourite heli by a mile since I put in the effort to learn it (…somewhat lol).

You will access the HeliManager same way the Marketplace users do, with a switch in the cockpit.

I have been testing the beta for a few weeks now… should be good too go!


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How about FPS optimization? Asked 1 year ago.


No Black Friday sale? I was ready to purchase, too.

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I’m waiting on a sale too, really want to try this one out

I know! I was hoping for Black Friday…

Curious too… .for VR it has to be smooth!

If Devs don’t discount for the Black Friday Sale they often discount for the “New Year Sale.” Have faith I’m sure they will have a discount coming soon. I remember last year saying Carenado didn’t discount then they did for the new year. :joy:

Also I thought that the Fly Inside 206 was coming to Xbox marketplace this week, guess that will be with the MP update next week.

Bought a few deeply discounted Cowan Sim birds until then… The B3 is pretty good, flies nice!