Flyinside B206 B3 Discussion

lots of new stuff in 2.24:

  • Adds new Bonus Livery pack with 27 new beautiful liveries - with a special thank you to Dark Angel!
  • Engine status now correctly reflects over SimConnect
  • Improves ToT accuracy and failure simulations
  • Improved baggage door, seatbelt, and defroster artwork
  • Alternator switch no longer powers GPS when not running
  • Gov switch now animates in response to control bindings
  • Multiplayer helicopters no longer reflect user rotor/doors status
  • Particles no longer appear on all helicopters in multiplayer based upon user helicopter
  • Particle effects no longer appear inside cockpit
  • Blades now start spinning more smoothly during startup sequence
  • Resolves issues with false over-torque warning on load
  • Engine failure dialog no longer obstructs view while in the air
  • Exhaust heat effect now syncs with engine start
  • HSI Glide Slope no longer reversed
  • OAT digits no longer shift around “1” digit
  • Improved ground handling

I thought Heli Manager will be implemented into the game, like in the version from Marketplace.