Flypad not linking to simbrief in latest dev build FBW A320


I tried today at 8:00 PM in the FBW A320 NX and The simbrief link doesn’t work and the link mcdi is greyed out . I have checked on the mcdi, and my simbrief pilot id is correct. The flight plan was load by simbrief directly in the mcdu but not on the flypad

anyone else having that problem?

Yves Lefevre

Have you updated to the current Development version? Link MCDU button has never been working yet, so you won’t be able to use it.

But Link from SimBrief does work on the flypad as shown in my flight yesterday.

Thanks Neo,

It was my fault, I am stupid, I didn’t saw that my simbrief username was not filled in on the EFB

thanks anyway for answering


Hi, I have username (5 digits) in EFB but Flypad doesn’t link to Simbrief for me :frowning:

On the flypad you must have your username and in the mcdu the 5 digits of your pilot id