Flysimware Cessna 414A

It’s not a problem. That’s exactly what you would expect from Turbocharged engines.


Thanks guys.

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If you’re on Xbox the mixture is set to auto by default anyway due to the lack of turbo logic. Hopefully that will change with SU12/WASM.


Oh, ok, I didn’t know that, I have been leaning rich of peak and it has been working.

Ok, here is another thing that I have noticed. Shut the aircraft down after a flight and when restarting the aircraft, the L Alternator, R Alternator annunciator lights will be lit up, even though the alternator switches are turned on. Cycling the L Alternator, R Alternator switches fixes the problem. Anyone else notice this?

The manual (page 2) states that “XBOX users will have forced automixture on so there is nothing you need to do. Until Wasm is working for Xbox you can simply ignore the mixture.

So moving the mixture levers should have no impact (unless cutting off of course). I haven’t noticed anything happening when fiddling with them anyway.

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Thanks mate, yep just downloaded the manual. So used to not having manuals on Xbox that I didn’t think to google looking for one.

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I collect links to MSFS aircraft manuals here, if you are interested as an Xbox user


Would anyone have a clue what is happening here from these screenshots please?

On a long flight here and I have never noticed this behaviour before but fuel is leaving the right tank a lot faster than the left tank (6+ times faster but IS still going down) and I cannot see why.

Power / MP / Mixture settings are same left and right. Fuel selectors are positioned correctly. GP/H is apparently the same left and right. What am I missing?!

18 12_11_27

18 12_11_05

Top bars are what I started with (62% evenly) and after 1.2 hours flying I am nearly empty in right tank.

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Sorry I havent experienced this myself.

What version are you running? Did you make changes to your fuel amount using the tablet or toolbar by any chance? In the past the devs said to only use the tablet to prevent odd behavior.

Last thing I noticed is that your prop sync is off. Probably not affecting this but its good practice on long flights.

I used the tablet to set fuel before take off.
Version is the latest one.
Prop sync - OK I will check on that - don’t think I ever touched it before so I probably been “bad pilot” this whole time!! :smiley:


As a mechanic, all I can say is that you obviously have yourself a fuel leak!

I am joking of course but that really is some strange behavior. I certainly don’t see anything in your controls that would explain that much of a split.

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Certainly weird! I have a feeling it’s the way my physical fuel selector switches are configured. But the strange thing is the knobs in the VC are correctly positioned. But my physical controls are really only designed to work with a single knob (left / right / both / off). I’ll try assigning a profile that has NO binds for the positions but it’s still weird that they are rotated correct visually in the 3D - maybe it’s a bug that internally it’s using my physical position and getting confused with how to show it with 2 separate knobs.

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Be careful. Depending on what you are using for the external controls the vc may not follow. So just because it looks right does not actually mean it is. This is because the actual control is not also what drives the vc animation. You’ll know if this is the case by seeing if the vc animation follows what you set externally for all settings. I’d have to check again what the C414 is actually using.


I noticed this as well last time I flew this aircraft, I’m sure I didn’t notice this prior to the last update. I have been doing a lot of game clips lately, so I’ll check to see if I can notice it in any of those.

The thing that has thrown me is that the LCD for GP/H is showing the same value… surely THAT is based on an actual usage from the tanks, regardless of what the fuel selector knobs are “showing”? And it’s equal left and right on the display there.

Those values are what each engine is using but do not reflect what tank the fuel is coming from. Both engines could be taking fuel from the same tank. What I’m saying here is the vc may not match external hardware when it comes to the selector positions. If you post what vars/events you are using I’ll compare them to what I have for them. FWIW I’ve never experienced what you are seeing. Perhaps it’s a new thing.

Understood, thanks!

I’m not using Spad or any external software like that. Just the built-in control settings. I will post my settings when I am next on the PC (tomorrow) but I guess it’s not possible to set up properly with the controls I have. I mean to have with ONE position on ONE switch, to say to use the left tank for left engine and right tank for right engine.

Ok, I went for a fly last night and the tanks remained evenly split, they definitely weren’t even on the flight I took a couple of days ago.


Mine were evenly split too. But hey, a good opportunity to fly this bird again. Forgot how good she was. I have been on Xbox lately and she became a hanger queen due to issues that have now been worked out.