Flysimware Cessna 414A

I think the post below yours shows exactly what I mean actually… for Xbox users who use the controller, the aircraft is practically AOG just now pending an update…


There is a bug in the SIM post SU11 with fuel values getting reset in the SIM W&B screen mid session/flight. I wonder if this might impact aircraft that use state saving in some way.

The important thing to remember is to not be too eager to update this bird. This developer has shown a continual thirst for updates which can have positive and negative impacts, particularly if you have no way of going back. History tells us that some of these updates have had regressions or new bugs introduced. I always wait until I’m hearing that it’s worth updating to before taking the plunge and because I can I keep the previous known good working one that I had so I can roll back in case there is something I don’t like. I urge others to consider doing the same.


Yes hopefully the throttle bug will be sorted soon. Tried flying on Xbox with Xbox controller the other night, but approach/landing throttle changes are difficult when you have to keep moving to exterior view to change it, or adjust each engine throttle with the Xbox cursor…


I’m hoping too… flying the Vision Jet whilst this one’s in the hangar, hopefully not long before we’re back in the air again.

Are we really going to suggest that sounds recorded on YouTube are what they really sound like? Eek.

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Just reporting back, looks like it was my fault. I had been using my profile (as below) with the magneto rewired to the fuel selector and it doesn’t play well with this dual tank system. I don’t think there is a way to make it work but I just flew with a profile without the magneto here assigned to anything (I have a Logitech switch panel that I use for Magnetos) and the tanks were draining equally.

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Anyone else getting the alternator lights coming on after start up, even though they are turned on? Cycling them fixes the problem, not sure if it’s a bug or a procedural thing that I am doing.

Even if they work it looks like you only have selector 1 setup. You could perhaps try using the same switch to set both selectors but you will have to remember to keep the tanks opposite in the both position. So something like

Off - both selectors off
L - both selectors to left
R - both selectors to right
Both - selector 1 left, selector 2 right

For normal operation you would obviously select Both.

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Throttle bug/white dot bug solved on Xbox controller, thank you


It would be good to know what updates have been made in 3.4.5 and 3.4.6. The change log only goes to 3.4.4 on Flysimware’s product page. For example, is mixture control now functional on the Xbox with the introduction of WASM in SU12?


I came here, just now, seeking the answer to that question, as well.

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If I read their discord post correctly, I believe the mixture and weather radar will be added in an update next week.


Does the discord state what the latest version brings? Assume it was just a hotfix to rectify the Xbox throttle issue introduced on the previous update?

Here is Momo’s post:

-Momo Yesterday at 9:44 PM

Sorry I got confused when Asobo said they were going to rush out this Xbox update. It was the hotfix I sent to fix the throttle/curser issue. They have told me the wasm is fixed so I assumed this was included but I was wrong as many reported not working today. So I just sent them a full package for PC and Xbox and they said it would go out Thursday the 30th. Sorry for the inaccurate announcement. Also right now I found the MP PC version has exterior model issues and animations not working except for the TDS version. But I have not hear anyone report this and I fixed this as well. So cross your fingers next Thursday we should be up to par for the long awaited radar for the MP versions.


Yesternight when opening the bonnet and seeing that absolute STUPID RIDICULOUS "NICKEL" logo on the cylinder heads of this otherwise photorealistic and superb airplane (whoever had this idea naming the engine NICKEL… pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff is the only thing I can say) I had to do something!

The logo on the first cylinder head of the left engine is shattered into three different pieces so it took a while to get this right too.

The texture of the engine is unlike anything else I have ever seen.


Your determination is inspiring.


If someone is happy about my mod I am happy. :slight_smile:
It is now finished, and has the original Teledyne Continental logo on the cylinder heads (and some more bugfixing on the interior and the cockpit gauges.)

Enjoy :dizzy:


Does the RNAV unit work in this plane with waypoints and such? I mean it should have similar functionality to the KNS-81 RNAV unit. I’m just curious.

No. It’s a Nav receiver only. It’s in the manual.