Flysimware Cessna 414A

This works for me. I will try it again right now…

have u a solution for autopilot too?

The fix is the Lvar (L:GENERIC_AP_MASTER) turns the Navomatic AP on and off (1 for On, 0 for Off). Likewise, the Lvar (L:GENERIC_AP_YAW_DAMPER) turn the Yaw Damper on and off (1 for On, 0 for Off).

great, tomorrow i’ll try


If you have SPAD and HC Alpha & Bravo I can get you the profile.


That should get you started

AP_MASTER only works in the GTN and GTNXi variants. You have to use the above LVARs in the 530 variant.

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i have not B:… events

Yeah, this is what I’m getting now. Plane still works fine, interior just doesn’t load in until you’re zoomed in a lot. SU15 beta.


You on Xbox or PC?

I’m on XBOX. I’ve checked a few other planes and none of them are exhibiting this behaviour so I think it may have more to do with the recent 414 update than the SU15 beta. But then again it could easily be a combination of the two.

My 414 ran perfectly in SU15 beta on Xbox Series X before the update to the 414. It may need to be updated again once SU15 releases to restore what was lost?

Yeah, most likely. Which is fair because we’re in a beta and the developer is under no obligation to support the product perfectly during a beta. I’m just pointing out what is happening so hopefully the developer can fix whatever is causing this before the full release of SU15.

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I would very much like my Toggle A/P key binding back: It’s not great having to look all the way down below the pedestal to turn on the A/P, although I get its’s nice to see the toggle switch animation, but it was better the other way LOL!


This is a known behavior on the Xbox. The Xbox cannot handle the amount of vertices in the model. The developer is aware and will be fixed in a future update.

The developer does not utilize these forums. I would recommend you utilize FSWs Discord channel for any support or reporting issues.

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Does that mean a reduction in complexity for the PC version as well?

If so, it would be great if the non-MP version does not have what sounds like a possible reduction in the quality of the modelling.

I hope not. However, that seems to be the general direction Microsoft and Asobo are headed to increase Xbox performance. It may affect the marketplace version only but I cannot answer that question.

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Not only with planes, but terrain/object LOD as well if the beta reports are anything to go by. Such a shame…


On the contrary, I think it has been optimised for the XBox. They may have just gone overboard with the reductions. You probably want to take that aspect of the conversation to another “LOD reduction” thread, and keep this one to the 414.

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Please let’s not get carried away here. The 414 ran great in SU14 on Xbox Series X, as good as it gets on SU14 and it’s running great on SU15 beta too. We appear to have lost some nice stuff so let’s give them a chance to fix that after SU15 releases? It’s still way better than anything else like it on either platform in my hangar!


I can’t get the tablet out of the side pocket after the update. Is anyone seeing this issue?