Flysimware Cessna 414A

Check out 2.4.1, seems all of your points are fixed


I don’t know if it is just me but 2.4.1 sure feels less floaty on landing. It feels really really good to fly now.


I was never notified of a 2.4.1 :neutral_face:

I noticed from 18k-23k i lost 3 inches of MP… not sure if that is real, but I don’t think so on Turbo engines. Otherwise, an hour into the flight from Greenland to Iceland, she is flying great. I sure would love a custom registration though.

If you are comparing to 2.4.0 there were no flight model changes. The only thing that could possibly affect this were some changes to the new pax and cargo weights. I haven’t tried this latest hot fix yet but 2.4.0 still floats. I find bleeding the speed away once you are certain to make the runway helps.

Once you reach the engines critical altitude the turbochargers can no longer maintain full manifold pressure, and as a result the manifold pressure will begin to drop. I don’t recall off the top of my head what critical altitude is in the FSW 414, but I want to say I read somewhere that it is 21,000 feet, or around that. Assuming that figure is correct, MP would begin to drop after you reach 21,000 feet (which is the engines critical altitude). But it should not have started dropping at 18k feet, unless the critical altitude is lower than what I remember.

Yep 21k ft springs to mind also.

Can’t reproduce that with v2.4.1. Went up to FL270 in cruise climb with no issues other than the MP didn’t start to drop until ~FL215 which seems late, even with a standard altimeter setting…

why do I not see the gfc 600 autopilot?

Turbo-normalized engines have a critical altitude above which manifold pressure will drop off. I can’t remember what the critical altitude for the 414 is, but if it is FL180, then that is definitely plausible.

It certainly could have been 21. Thanks for letting me know. Overall, the airplane is flying well. Took it from Greenland to Iceland earlier. Nice long shakedown flight.

Right! It glides like a glider. It forces you reduce speed and set flaps 1 before you beginn the descent. Is this behaviour realistic?? In my oppinion you should be able to make a 3° descent and get rid of speed (slowly).

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An other thing: If you have sun on the panel, it’s absolutely impossible to set the altitude preselector. You can definitively not read the orange figures on it. Bring back the old fashion klickselector again. It was so lovely.

Yep, I’ve had the same problem.
Leaning forward and shading it with my hand didn’t help either :wink:


I had the same problem.
Now I’m running 2.4.1 and it seems they have solved it.
I’m flying at 20000ft. and everything looks normal again.

Again the non-readable altidude preselector. If you increase the desired altitude you can read this easely on the autopilot. e.g. ALTS 6000. But if you decrease the alt, it does not appear. And you have to use the orange figures on the preselector. And the sunshine problem. Is this a bug??

I need to do more approaches really. I had been on the release prior to 2.4.0 and then jumped right to 2.4.1.

Since I turn off my automixture in FS mp fluctuation is resolved. Must be turned on automixture by accident.

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I haven’t been notified of ANY update

With the GTN750 liveries, I don’t have engine texture and I can’t add the passengers. Everything is normal with the 530 liveries.