Flysimware Cessna 414A

With the GTN750 liveries, I don’t have engine texture and I can’t add the passengers. Everything is normal with the 530 liveries.

You generally only get an email for non hotfix releases. 2.4.1 came about a day after 2.4.0 when some obvious bugs were found. You should of got the email for 2.4.0.

Nope. As I said: for none of the updates, and I bought the plane a week after it first came out

A new updated user manual is available. Flysimware’s CESSNA 414AW CHANCELLOR MSFS2020 – Flysimware

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Maybe you slipped off the mailing list or it’s going to your SPAM folder.

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v1.7 - It still shows the old altitude alerter and instructions.

I am being picky, but “Dorthy” with the “Australian Butterfly” dress is still mirror inverted.

The fix for the Turbocharger mixture control is huge for me, I’m very seriously tempted to pick this plane up now. Just wish it had more wear/tear/failures like the 310. Anyone know if this is planned?

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I recall the dev briefly commenting on discord once on the possibility of doing some basic failures but I cannot recall anything mentioned since.

The aircraft definitely has the potential to be better than the Milviz 310 but still has a way to go imo especially in this respect.

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On this repaint ZK-KSW C414AW (Fictional) » Microsoft Flight Simulator I only get to choose the GNS530 or GTN750XI versions, there’s no PMS version. As far as I can see from the aircraft.cfg all versions should be there. What am I missing ? I don’t need the PMS version as I have the XI but it seems like something I should be able to figure out and it’s probably completely obvious but I can’t see the problem and it’s bugging me ! :rofl:


Title="Cessna 414A VH-CBT GTN750"

Title="Cessna 414A ZK-KSW GTN750XI"

Title="Cessna 414A ZK-KSW GNS530"

Compared to FSX making a livery for the new Flight Sim is so over-the-top overcomplicated… Not the graphics design and Photoshop but all the scripting and extra files layout and manifest and whatnot needed, and even when the folder structure in the config script looks absolute true and checked ten times the livery still does not appear… that´s why I never make liveries.

Sorry I would love to help you but… hm… I don´t know because I have never made an external livery since FSX times. :smiley:

@GamingCat2130 You’re doing it again. A gentle reminder:


Other than not doing it, changing the thumbnail size to the smallest can help.

But I have not attached any pictures because it is no longer allowed to post Cessna 414 screenshots. What exactly have I done again?

I count 5 in that post above. If you could make them 50% it would make reading the thread a little easier as they take up much less space.


Yes an enlargable thumbnail would be a great idea! :slight_smile:

No, making them smaller. That’s what the 50% means in this context, half their current size.

The other thing you can do is hide the images behind a spoiler tag.

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Like this.
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The thread will be easier to read, just called it “Images inside” or something. Those who want to see them can, those that don’t, won’t.

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How can you not know that is untrue? We can all see that you are posting screenshots (again). Please have some consideration for others on this forum.

As @B787Pilot3222 said, start a topic for you on the user screenshot section.


Please stop posting screenshots in this topic which I clearly stated in my previous post.

This is my last warning, if you continue to post pictures I will either hide your post(s) or remove the screenshots.