Flysimware Cessna 414A

It uses WT. There are extra liveries for 750+WT since the last update.

Wow! Yes, I saw it. You have to scroll down to the bottom of al liveries.
Thank you JoeJoe for this help!

I wish the avionics choices could be done in the tablet instead of tied to a livery.


Sensible, I should have tried that first, will let you know :slight_smile:

That was brought up in a livestream, from what I understood it came down to if you do it through the tablet all 3 panels have to be loaded which slows everything down and it’s a coding nightmare trying to make sure that only the selected panel is visible and responding to clicks, if you do it per livery so you are only loading 1 panel it’s significantly faster to code and you get better FPS because the sim is only updating 1 panel.

I am prepared to be completely wrong about that though, I was only half listening :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Milviz 310, or the Just Flight Arrows which have those choices in their tablets. To me it is a better user experience choosing in the tablet.


Being Devil’s advocate, you wouldn’t jump into a real aircraft and select your avionics suite on a tablet. So in that respect it’s more realistic the way it is.


I agree with @Sender46. Surely you decide what aircraft to fly before getting in the cockpit so with that comes the avionics that are installed in that aircraft. I don’t think it’s a big deal. At least you have options.


To me it is nicer to have the avionics decoupled from the livery. When I’m choosing a livery in the sim livery menu it has nothing to do with being realistic, clicking a menu choice is not part of the flying experience that needs to be realistic, it is about the outside look of the aircraft, I don’t want to see 3 liveries that look the same in the livery menu but have different avionics. (Edit though I acknowledge it is consistent with how they do it for the 2 variants of 172, glass and steam gauge, well sort of, in that case different variants with similar liveries)

Don’t get me wrong, I own the 414 and like it a lot, just think it would be better to decouple avionics from the livery. It would be more consistent with how other vendors are doing it, Milviz, JustFlight, Carenado all have that in the tablet.

The devs can take my feedback or not, just giving my opinion that it would be better to have that in the tablet.


Aircraft with the same liveries and different avionics is perfectly realistically possible.

I don’t see that there is any particular need to be consistent with other vendors. When it comes down to it, whichever way it is chosen, choosing what you want is only a few seconds at most in the flight simulation experience so I don’t see that it’s a big deal either way.

True enough. But especially when you have addon liveries, the livrry selection screen gets cluttered up fast making everything a bit messy

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Realism or not, if given the choice I would have the livery screen be for just that, liveries, and be able to switch GPS in the cockpit.


I’ve just been on a few flights with version 2.4.1. I don’t know whether it’s just me getting more used to it, or a flight model change, but I used to find as I enter the flare I would occasionally flare too hard. But because there was some “lag”, think mass/inertia, I would then find I have to lower the nose to compensate, leading to PIO.

That didn’t happen once on my last few flights, and each landing felt really good. The plane still feels like it has some weight to it, but at the same time doesn’t feel sluggish.

This is shaping up to be a firm favourite, and I’m splitting my time between this, and the Big Radials Goose.


And the ILS capture problem in the GNS530 variant oviously has been solved, too (by implementing some kind of “approach hold” command as you could see in one of the lates flysimware livestreams on youtube). I feel like they are getting closer to release status. Next there will be implemented animated inflatable de-icing boots. If there were wear and tear and failures I think I would never ever want to fly another plane again anymore.

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And the OBS in version GNS 530 is working properly?

I kind of noticed the same thing but I get the feeling its just that I’m getting used to how she handles. I’m anticipating much earlier how fast I needed to be be pre flare now. She’s a blast to fly.

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Have you noticed something odd about the turn coordinator? I need to compare behaviour with another plane, for me that’s usually the 172’s behaviour.

In level flight, with the ball centred, slowly apply full right rudder. Now let it return, then repeat for full left rudder. I don’t see any deflection of the ball at all.

I’m sure I’ve seen this before, and I think it was the BBS Islander.

I also did some reading on the 414, and from what I’ve read it is supposed to have counter rotating props, yet I tend to find a continuous tendency to gently roll to the left unless you are at higher speeds, which I haven’t measured so I can’t say when that tendency is eliminated.

And in certain situations I find that the ball will not centre, no matter how much right rudder you apply, with only a roll to the left causing it to centre.

Cessna 172 - Full right rudder, wings level

Cessna 172 - Full left rudder, wings level

414 - level flight

414 - full right rudder

414 - full left rudder - Had to switch to night as I was getting too much buffeting

So it’s not as bad as I remember on my last trip, where I saw no deflection whatsoever. Hmmm.

It’s possible it’s airspeed related, as I remember reading the sim won’t allow you to apply full elevator deflection at speed, in an attempt to simulate the pressure of the air on the elevator. Perhaps they are doing the same thing for the rudder?

After lunch I will repeat at lower speeds.

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I’m quoting myself to say that reinstalling fixed my problem. The version number was correct, but something must have gone wrong when I installed it.

I’d also like to add my opinion, being that I absolutely hate the avionics selection being tied to the livery selection. I’d prefer it to be selectable in the cockpit, but an alternative preference would be to have them each as separate aircraft. (Not ideal, but it’s how other devs deal with different varients) It’s irritating trying to pick a livery while sorting through 4 different avionics packages, quadrupling the number of liveries, and making a decision based on just the thumbnail impossible.

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The new version is excellent but IMHO the flight model is still some way off.

Even an F35 wouldn’t react with the speed and brutality that this aircraft possesses. There doesn’t feel like there’s any weight to the machine, no inertia, and the merest gesture towards the controls has the machine reacting like a cat with a fire underneath it.

I know the old flying instructors saying that would immediately get my post deleted, but lets just say even when trying to be as gentle as is possible with this thing it still has the responsiveness of a 6th gen fighter aircraft.

Inconsistent and overly sensitive controls have been a problem with all versions of flight simulator and ultimately that is down to Asobo to fix, but other developers have demonstrated it can be done right in FS2020 (Just Flight, MilViz, PDMG). There is work to be done on the 414 there for sure.

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My experience is quite different from yours. There is definitely more inertia now and the plane seems to handle much better than it did a few versions ago. Actually I am quite pleased and trust me, I was critical about the flight handling before. Are you sure you properly uninstalled previous versions and installed the most recent one. And also make sure the flight handling is not ruined by a livery mod. That seems to be a possible danger as well.

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