Flysimware Learjet 35A Early Access RELEASED!

It only connects at certain parking spots. Someone has a mod for that on fs .to. It’s a feature. Not sure why, and it’s had pushback.

Ah ok thanks. Seems odd that we can’t connect a GPU regardless of parking position, considering it’s a private jet that can end up parked in all manner of locations


It’s been mentioned a lot on their discord. Seems like it’s set in stone so hence the mod.

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I’ve been looking at the SDK, and it looks like available services can be defined per parking spot.

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To be fair i’ll bet everything i own nearly nobody uses a gpu on this plane. It would cost 3 times as much as just starting an engine.

Usually I’d agree. But there are times I want to extend my pre flight procedure, or maybe I have an extra long flight plan to enter, or maybe I need to go and do something in real life and forget to pause the sim…I don’t want my battery dying on me. Not that I have to explain anything.

And that still doesn’t answer my question. There’s no reason why they can’t allow us use the GPU at any location, the same way other devs do.

For ref it came from v1.1.0 update on 15 Jan 2024

New Feature:

  1. The GPU will not show or connect if the parking area does not have available GPU service.

Thanks. Yeah I get the logic behind it. But it still doesn’t make sense that they won’t give us this option. If I spawn in at a private hangar, and slew around 180 degrees from the original spawn point so I can avoid a pushback, I’ll lose the ability to connect to a GPU.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a game breaker or anything, but I do think it’s a bit petty from FSW not to allow this option, when in real life it would very much be an option.

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Agree. Not sure what the reasoning behind it was, and from what I’ve read on their discord IRL a GPU is used on this aircraft.

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So if other devs are doing it, I guess they are using logic that ignores what the current parking spot at the airport has configured as available services. So in theory you could summon ground power even if you parked in the middle of nowhere in those planes?

Exactly. In reality, this type of GPU is a mobile unit that can be used anywhere (assuming it has power of course) but moving the plane a few feet away from the default parking position shouldn’t cause the GPU to become inop. It also means that parking up after a flight requires the user to be extremely precise in their parking order to be able to connect to it. This isn’t true to real life, when a lot of airports have fairly random GA parking

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Thanks, yeah I already grabbed that. I suppose my initial query was more to do with why FSW didn’t allow this by default.

I can assure you from years of real world experience that if there’s a GPU available, crews would almost ALWAYS elect to use it. It greatly reduces the stress the batteries go through during a start up as well as just reducing battery drain during pre-flight procedures.

It does seem rather silly that you can’t use a GPU anywhere with this aircraft. GPUs are on wheels for a reason. Most ramps I’ve worked on, parking spots are all well and good most of the time but they aren’t always set in stone due to the vast size differences and shapes of planes in the GA/Business sector. Not to mention, when ever we had celebrities comes in, we often time parked them out in the sticks for privacy reasons. Granted they usually fly on aircraft with APUs but all of our ground support equipment (lav carts, potable water, etc) could be towed any where, including GPUs.


What’s the state of this aircraft? Still early access? How feature complete is it and estimated time to final release?

I’m not into buying early access so I’ll be waiting until the completed aircraft is released

They posted this yesterday on their Discord channel:

Maybe they will release without the new sound set? It was due in Q2 and we are now in Q2. Not been following developments too closely.

Yes, it looks like that. But sounds are fine even now. I like this great airplane and I’m glad I bought it after some hesitation (I’m rather interested in airliners than bizjets). To be honest, I expected them to call it a full release a long time ago, it’s ready imho.

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Agree, but plenty of their followers on discord have been going on about better sounds for ages. IMO it could be released as is.
I see there’s another update available to download. The changes are getting less so closer to release I’d say. -

Learjet 35A Early Access V1.2.7


  1. New seatbelts were modeled and new textures were created.
  2. New cabin ceiling, lights was modeled and new textures were created.
  3. New front gear assembly and front gear bay parts with new mesh and new textures.
  4. AOA stall test only works when on ground.
  5. AOA test will enable the stick shaker once in the yellow range.
  6. AOA test will enable the stick pusher once in the red range.


  1. Checklist text for the TR reversers check was fixed.
  2. Gear horn test now requires DC power.
  3. When the thrust reverser(s) are not armed and the reverser(s) was engaged, the throttle lever will no longer jump to full forward.


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I just got a email for version 1.2.8. Just wondering what changed between 1.2.7.