FlyTampa Copenhagen ILS22L approach not followed with TUDL1N approach

Hi all,

I don’t know if this issue is caused by:

  • MSFS NavData
  • FlyTampa Copenhagen
    -A320nx mod

But I have the following issue.

I plan a flight, in this case from EGLC to EKHC, with the A320. I select ILS22L with TUDLN1 approach. I start flying and as soon as I come near waypoint CH884, the plane directly wants to go to the runway, instead of following the approach. I have attached 3 screenshots. 1 from the planner, 1 from the navlog and 1 from the MCDU.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

I’m having exactly the same issue on every other flight. A320 is not following the plan; instead, it’s going circles or going directly to a runway…

Are you using the vanilla A320 or the A320nx from FlyByWireSim??

It’s an autopilot bug. Happens regardless using stock A320 or FBW mod.

Had the same happen on the approach to runway 12. The weird thing is that the bug is not happening everytime.

Hmm, yes indeed. But with this one I seem to be able to reproduce.

I will try the same approach later and see if I can replicate your result.

i’ll try later and let you know.

I’m using the latest FlyByWire A320 - and using their installer to get the latest build. I did 2 flights last night: LGAV to LIRP and EPGD to EDDM. I lost AP during the approach to LIRP. The second flight was perfect - no AP issues! All flight plans were created in MSFS Flight planner.

A32NX KFAT TO KLAX perfect flight until the STAR to 25L…disregarded the STAR and changed course over Los Angeles directly to 25L… FYI

Correction…I meant did not follow the appoach

Same, now i suggest to do not change the route from the planner and starting runaway, just choose the ils landing runaway.
I’ll try now again, the planner chose different routes points.

Confirmed, do not change the planned route, i left the original one, no issues at all, AP, ILS worked perfectly

@ErikNL80 I tried a flight from EHAM to EKCH with the TUDL1N STAR but unfortunately I messed up my flight before I got to the approach. I had forgot to set it in the FMC so when I did that all my planning went out the window.

But it got me thinking. The ILS 22L approach has the KAS transition, so did your airplane veer of its flight plan before or after you received the assigned approach? And was that approach with KAS transition?

So this plane is not vatsim approved now . Tournees to fly the full flightplan otherwise ap does weird things :cry::scream: