Anyone else here a customer of the FlyTampa KBOS add-on experiencing CTD’s that usually randomly happen if it’s installed in the Community folder? For me, it disappears when I move it out.

The release notes didn’t say anything about CTDs, but there is a new version 1.2 available. Might help, but no guarantees.

PMDG, Fenx and AIG w/FlyTampa and no CTDs except the AIG issue with SU10b1.

I am watching this closely as I was wanting to buy this. But I’ll hold off for a while.

I’m less inclined to blame the FlyTampa KBOS. I updated to v1.2, and saw no change. I also removed it temporarily and was able to recreate the CTD. Based on the errors, I think it’s another mod. I’m going to have to do more troubleshooting.

I never had any CDT with the version bought directly to FlyTampa, installed in the Community folder, and I still have no issues since I bought the in-store version and removed the community version (yes, I bought it twice), but it is a nice add-on and I fly regularly from Boston and it is worth it, a very nice add-on indeed.

Turns out it was a Windows Web Experience app from the Microsoft App Store that was causing the CTDs. Just had a flight with the latest FlyTampa KBOS and tons of other heavy mods with no crashes. Details here: