FlyTampa Vegas scenery FPS

I’d really like to get this, but when it came out several months ago there were a lot of reports of horrible FPS. Has anyone installed it recently? Wondering if any updates have improved FPS.

Just installed it 2 days ago. There seems to be a part of the airport where the FPS tanks. Same way it happens in CDG. Could be different for your system. City and airport looks great though.

I have been using it since its release. Yes part of the airport has bad fps drops specifically the area where the terminal is animated. As a whole the sim itself has performance issues. Right now I am about to takeoff from there with Aerosoft CRJ and the performance is quite bad.
Yesterday I tookoff with the CRJ buttery smooth so there is something going on the server side of the sim.
Overall performance is better than some of the handcrafted airports.If you have plenty of vram,fast cpu it will be a good experience.

Good to know. I’m well above the ideal specs for the sim, so I may give the Vegas scenery a shot.

Something is definitely wrong with how this sim is managing ram. Restarted my PC and KLAS is running smooth again.

Yeah, theres one specific part of the runway where it just flat out tanks FPS and struggles to recover. I thought it was due to the plane I was flying having a ton of reflections on the canopy (windsheild = ultra ) + night-time and tried it again using dev mode to swap out aircraft. Exactly the same each time no matter what I was flying.

Spawning the opposite end of The Strip and the performance was fine until landing and passing that spot again.

I did mentioned to them on their forums that there is some performance issues parts of the airport.Either they have too much on their plate or ignored this issue.
As much as I love their scenery they need to tune it some more and adding animated terminals will only make things worst.

It was good when it came out…until Asobo messed it up going after Xbox revenue. Not FlyTampas fault. Maybe they’ll fix it, maybe not if they move on to the next game.

Oh give it a rest. I’ve picked it up on Xbox and it runs fine.

Trouble with you pc lot is your system is prone to conflicts with the multiple drivers on your system, even the best rigs have it.

A few years back I had a top spec pc and it ran mostly great but at times games wouldn’t run for no obvious reason. That’s why I stopped gaming it’s too unstable.

But pack it in with the whole Xbox Schtick. The game is a ten year project, how did you expect it to be funded?

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um, just like any other flightsim in the past. Or any other PC exclusive title for that matter.