FMC ignorant!

I am ashamed to say that I cannot use an FMC. I’ve been simming a long, long time and I use the default GPS in P3d and I only fly IFR in MSFS. I’ve tried some tutorials, but I get kind of bored and bogged down watching them and then trying to go to a plane to implement what I’ve watched. I’d love to know WHICH tutorial you’d recommend that is the easiest to understand and the best in your varied opinions. I don’t understand how you can estimate fuel, weight, etc. I guess that Airbus and Boeing are completely different to learn as well. I know how to shoot an ILS using the GPS in the other sim. I fly very long routes with airliners in the other sim using the GPS.
But…I really want to learn how to use an FMC. Please help.

FMCs are also a new beast for me.

I really wanted to fly the A310, however, so I watched the inibuilds youtube tutorials. Worked for me.

Granted, the FMC in this aircraft is early '80s vintage and since I have no time in the modern birds I can’t comment on how much (or little) they’ve changed.

They all operate under the same principal (more or less) and once you understand the concepts it’s easy to transition to different styles.

I learned on the CJ4 and used FilbertFlies tutorial with Matt from Working Title.

From there I went to the CRJ and again, used FilbertFlies tutorial, but it was more or less the same.

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I cant even use the garmin 1000 properly so getting to grips with an FMC is way into the future for me. I’ve watched some videos, but I think I need some hands on help. It seems very complicated.

Most of the spare time I get to use msfs is spent trying to troubleshoot performance issues and and crashes leaving me with little time I’m too to study anything deeper.


The trick is finding an aircraft with a fully functional FMC. I suggest PMDG and Aerosoft models.

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