FMC not working

All airliners do not have the flight plan in the FMC when planned from the world map - nor will they allow you to manually input a flight plan when starting from cold and dark. This has only happened in the last few days?? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Yes, having the same issue… the last patch seems to have broken this.

Cheers for the response - better look out the sextant then.

I’ve never had a problem entering a flightplan into the FMC, to be honest. Although it’s a bit wonky, I believe the FMC is missing quite a chunk of functionality.

Is your flight plan loaded in the FMC if created on the world map?

Today, I created the following flight plan from the world map with the A320neo:

KPDX runway 28L departure (first error was that even though the flight plan showed 28L, ATC decided to have me take off from 21 instead, no way to request a new runway that, so I made 21 work and picked up rest of the flight plan no issue).




ILS 16L approach KSEA

Everything showed up as it should in the FMC and nav display. Autopilot followed the flight plan wonderfully. Started the descent into SEA and then right as we passed over HAWKZ, the plane turned to the right, straight for 16L, flying right over it at 5000 ft… :rage: It ignored every other waypoint on the HAWKZ7 approach.

I have also encountered a flight route issue where the autopilot was navigating fine, then it just decides to fly in circles or return to a waypoint earlier on in the flight?? Anyone else having this issue?

The sim really just has a mind of its own. The part that frustrates me is Asobo recognizes issues, says they’re fixed then sends the update, which introduces new bugs. Some things weren’t even resolved at all. This leads to me not having much confidence in the new update (which I guess is for the better at this point with the way things are going).

I have already filled out a zendesk complaint for this as well.


I’ve had the same issue a number of times recently. Get to the final waypoint before an airport and it turns straight there rather than following for the ILS route in, I’ve done 2 flights into EGLL this week and it’s happened both times. On the VFR map and flight plan view it looks like it wants to go from the final waypoint, to the airport, then back to the waypoint and onto the ILS approach as if the logic is in the wrong order.

Not clever enough with the FMC to be able to stop it doing it as very new to this, assume maybe trying to tell it to fly direct to a point not shown on the flight plan but on the ILS route maybe?


I believe that arrivals and approaches may technically be part of your flightplan, they aren’t entered manually. Instead, they’re just “selected”.

Can you post an example f/p for comprehension?

Yes, me too at multiple airports. Seems to ignore the approach phase and head directly to the runway. Even if I have the ILS locked on and the diamonds almost in the centre, clicking approach does nothing, the aircraft just wanders off course oblivious to the everything else.

I’m still trying to figure out how to hack the FMC when I cross the last waypoint and heading to the airport and ATC gives the approach route.
What I’ve gathered so far:

  • When ATC gives you the approach, set the AP to selected heading mode, to continue flying to the airport.
  • Enter the approach into the FMC
  • This is where the plane would start heading back to the previous waypoint. That’s why keep the plane in HDG mode and select DCT “direct to” and enter the first waypoint of the approach.
  • Enable managed heading again and plane should fly directly to the first waypoint of the approach
  • Remove all previous waypoints before the plane reached the first waypoint of the approach. Only then it will continue with all other waypoints.

im having same issue also how ever my fmc on all of the airliners .isnt giving any way points to land at certain airports showing no sids .and stars to land with . Outrages and the panels are freezing . i wish we had the choice to update or not . now a whole renstall i hope it fixes this .

Any one else getting this isue with certain airports .