FMS data question on CRJ 550/700?

Hi there, where do I download the FMS data for the CRJ 550/700? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I have Navigraph and Simbrief. Which I am new to them both.

If you log in to Navigraph web site, you will see a section called Downloads. Within that you will find FMS Data section that has specific data for aircraft. Choose CRJ Professional and install that.


Thanks for the help and info…I just downloaded the FMS Data…Unfortunately I’ll have to do it again in a day or 2 , when the new Airac cycle comes out…

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Why? Do you absolutely need the most current version for flight simming?

Sorry I’m new to this, I thought that I needed it. I guess what I should ask is,What is the purpose of the Airac cycle and what is it used for?

Simply to have the lastet changes concerning navaids, SIDs etc…not required IMO.

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In the real world navigation data needs to be updated for the sake of safety so that everyones on the same page. That being said, from one airac to the next there arent a ton of changes. That being said the more airacs you’re behind on, the more inaccurate your data will be.

You can find airacs for 2017, if you use them for flight planning through simbrief, it would be like flying around globe in 2021 with thinking it was still 2017. Simbrief would formulate a flight plan as though it were still 2017 using 2017 airspace data. Data which might not be relevent today.

You’d have 2017 departures, arrivals, fix locations, and other nav data in your flight plan that might not exist or may have been altered in current flight data.

That being said, for the purposes of flight simming, being one or two airacs behind is fine (occasionally you might find a discrepancy). However being 10 airacs behind for example would be pretty bad, there might be some departures, arrivals, and nav fixes that you wouldn’t be knowledgeable of.

That being said, I’m pretty particular myself about keeping all my things up to date. So I always have my data up to date like in the real world. Hopefully that clears it up.

Navigraph has a beta service right now which allows you to put THEIR nav data IN the sim to use rather than the navblue data msfs comes with. In that case the discrepancy would be completely null. You could use a 2018 airac for your charts/flight planning AND the same 2018 airac for your nav data in the sim and fly like it was 2018 with no discrepancy/inacuracy between the two whatsoever.

I hope this helps

Edit: I rewrote this to make more sense. Long day.


Sadly some of the default navaids in the base Sim has some slight issues.

Like airports in China for example, most if not all of the localiser DME are positioned off to the side of the runway. So you’ll end up landing in the grass if you’re on ILS approach. Installing the Navigraph AIRAC update fixed these navaid issues.

Honestly I’m looking forward to that. I’ve used the navigraph data for previous sims and currently use it for my flight planning in msfs. But on msfs I use the included navblue data for the sim’s database. I’m waiting for navigraph to release the release version of their MSFS nav data system before I jump on board, not a big alpha or beta guy. But the wait makes it hard. There are some definitely flaws with navblue for sure.

You can actually just go ahead and install it and see how you like it. If you don’t like it, you can remove it anytime and it’ll go back to the navblue data.

I can suffice to say the the Navigraph beta is still better than default navblue data. I couldn’t bring myself to go back to the default anymore. I never find any serious issue with it.


I moved your topic to

because the CRJ and Navigraph are not part of the base simulator.

Thank you

because if you fly online on IVAO or VATSIM, PilotEdge or POSCON you will need current navdata. Or just for the sake of “realism”. :slight_smile:

On these networks you will not get an IFR clearance with an outdated flightplan.

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