Folder/file permissions

Hello everyone,
first I have to stay I was one of the lucky ones: Installation was fast and smooth, sim runs like a charm.
Just a small problem: I wanted to add the sim in the Nvidia control panel, but didn’t have permission to open the corresponding folder. That was easy to fix, but still I have no permission to open the .exe file.
I also don’t have a desktop icon, but I can start the sim form the start menu without problem…

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Greetings from LOWG,

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Cant help as cant get my copy installed yet but will probably try do the same with regards to doing a Nvidea profile.

Can only suggest making you global Nvidea settings (default) to test untill you get it sorted.

+1, no icon and can’t get permission to add the exe to antivir exceptions,wth!

I got firewall exemption pop up on first start but does it need exemption for AV? I use defender

You can create a desktop shortcut from within the X-Box app.


You can’t select the exe file manuelly because it’s locked by the system.
But the Sim must be in your app list automatically.
Try it.

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Found it in mine. Just need game to install updates properly so can play.


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guess no need but I would do it just in case.

Yes and no, that shrotcut is not a “normal” one and you can’t set it to be executed as admin, no permisions.

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It doesn’t show up in my list…that’s why I wanted to manually add it in the first place!

That’s a shame.

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If you bought the game from the Windows Store, it should have UWP restrictions that prevent you from making any changes or doing anything in the installation directory. If you want to create a shortcut for it, find MSFS2020 in your start menu and drag it onto your desktop. You should then be able to add the game to your Nvidia control panel using that shortcut.

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