Food for thought

I have 2 aircraft in my P3D hanger that cost more than this sim, and I have way more payware aircraft than that. Let’s not even begin to discuss what most of us have spent on ORBX and add on airports. So when I saw the max price of the sim was $119.00, chump change. The cost of the sim is always the least costly thing you buy. Right now I’m very pleased with the sim. I didn’t expect much if anything from the airliners. How on this earth would you expect a Sim platform that costs $119.00 to deliver a airliner near the quality of a FSL, Majestic or PMDG product. The FSL A320 and the PMDG QOTS 747 cost $139.00ea before expansions. The GA aircraft are very good for the most part and VFR flying is amazing. I laughed when I saw Carenado selling the Cessna 182. Anyone who has bought one of their aircraft for P3D knows they are long on eye candy but not much else.

Those of us that have been simming for a while are excited because this is the platform we have been waiting ten years for. Rob at PMDG has said this platform will finally allow the devs to do things blocked by FSX and P3D. Rob has also stated that the development of the NG3 will take longer due in part to the expanded abilities of this sim platform. More accurate LNAV/VNAV performance. More accurate runway interaction. Better RNAV approaches into places like PAJN, are among a few. Add on aircraft will have to be built from the ground up not just ported over. That is good for us.

The “Sim” in Flight simulation is the world the platform creates and allows us to use. There is so much in this platform we have never seen in a flight sim. There is also much we as simmers need to figure out. I’m experimenting with the “Rolling Cache” at this time. It’s a setting we haven’t had before in a sim and so far is being overlooked by many. Too many of us are trying to force this sim into the FSX/P3D way of looking and thinking about a sim. We need to change how we think to make this work.

One final note. This sim does run very well on my all AMD system. I run a combination of a Ryzen 3700x and a Radeon 5700XT 8GB. NO overclocking! So far what I’m seeing is a platform that seems to like a multi core CPU with balanced headroom on each core maybe more than the old go to of gorilla overclock single thread CPU set up. Way way better than my P3D v5 experience where the platform was not dev/alpha or beta tested on a Radeon system. Plus didn’t even run without a CTD on a high end radeon card till HF2.