[Foot] World Update VII - The Land of Oz (4)

[Foot] World Update VII - The Land of Oz

OZ4.PLN (11.2 KB)

In a land down under, where women glow, and men plunder
Never mention shrimps on the barbee, just give ‘em a Vegemite sarnie
Here is a place, any creature can kill you, from the smallest insect to the largest roo
It’s a land of no non-sense, where beer does flow and men do chunder
We’re gettin’ ready for take off, spool up boys it’s FFR, oh no its thunder!
Too late it’s called already, time to go, TOGA, TOGA, TOGA.
Were cruising down the runway, hold on your hats, we’re gonna be flying the wrong way!

Server Stuff:

  • Comms: [Foot] Land of Oz (1) - Community Event (Discord: Microsoft Flight Simulator )
  • Server: South East Asia
  • Settings: All Players, No Traffic, Clear Skys (after loading switch to Live Weather)


  • Duration: 3:00 (Event Start 19:30z UTC+1)


  • Purpose: Exploring the land of Oz
  • Group: All welcome, be sensible I enjoy flying not being silly in F18s

Stage 4
Flight: YNSH to YCFS
Aircraft: Bonanza G36
GameTime: 05:30

The Host:
Hi All,
I go by the name FootanMouth, but my friends call my Footy.
We fly 4 times a week at 7:30 UK time every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Our events are hosted on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord.
Everyone is welcome, we keep a family friendly environment.

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