For direct weather ... Unreal Weather works again on MSFS 2020!

tried this last night, its not as good as native live weather (when it isnt broken) but it seemed to work fine for a overnight flight from Hawaii to Dallas. Its better than using presets until they drop the hotfix this weekend. Because of the way its getting its data i was stuck with the Hawaii weather for most of the trip across the Pacific but no weird temp/wind spikes.

Hi has it worked or you since the recent hot fix?.. i am not even seeing it in the menu.

Yes all work great … But you really have to follow the instructions on the site I gave

I’m getting lots of CTDs after SU6. I removed everything from my Community folder and the issue went away. When I added the latest verion of Unreal Weather back into my community folder the crashes came back within a few moments of starting a new flight. It appears that Unreal Weather does work in SU6 as I was able to set weather from Unreal Weather when setting up a new flight but I suspect that it is the reason I’m getting these CTDs.

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