For pilots or those who are looking for maximum realism - Camera question

It’s simple, what is the most advisable zoom level to fly at if I want to recreate a real situation?
I consider the default value of 50 to be something close to the instruments.

What do you mean by a “realistic situation”? I mean, if you mean zooming until everything appears at a realistic scale and in the right position with no stretching or squeezing, you’d be zoomed in so far that you wouldn’t be able to see anything outside of a tiny window directly in front of you. Since a big part of flying is situational awareness, that would be far from ideal. Not such an issue if you have triple monitors or TrackIR though. (Or VR, though I assume this isn’t what you’re using.)

Exactly in the most realistic proportion possible, without being too far apart or too close. I play with a screen

To be honest, I would just choose whatever view feels most comfortable for you. I mean, seeing the world through a small rectangle (your monitor) is unrealistic in itself, and setting the FoV too close will just prevent you seeing anything and you’ll be unable to fly effectively.

If I was playing on a single monitor, I’d probably zoom the view out as much as possible while still keeping the main instruments relatively readable, to give me maximum awareness of my surroundings.

Make the screen of the cockpit big enough to read the gauges then set your seat position up and or down left or right as desired. I belive if you hit either ctrl-; or maybe its ctrl-l it will save the position for that aircraft and always re-center to that view.

This is truly difficult… the human eye almost has a vision field of 180° degrees which means one can see both side-windows at the same time but also the cockpit instruments big and sharp.

This cannot be simulated with rendering graphics so there is a constant battle between zooming out to see like the real human eye sees and having the cockpit instruments so tiny that the Garmin LCD screen informations (like current speed altitude etc.) are merely half a millimeter or smaller and absolutely impossible to read, and zooming in to be able to read the information on the screens and gauges.

There is no other way - only VR flying does not has this problem.
In DCS and in Flight Sim 20 I have to constantly zoom in to read instruments and zoom out to see the scenery and fly.
That´s why there is no other solution than a VR headset, and no real answer for your zoom question. :wink:

In my opinion FOV should be always the same because otherwise the world is deformed. Wheel mouse should be attached to move the position of the pilot in hte cabin, but no to increase/decrease fov. I suppose I can modify this in the keyboards bindings, I did not try (I play most of the time with the exterior camera.

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