For Sim developers - home cockpit configuration

Dear Dev teams,
Real- life PPL SEP pilot here, and time cockpit user.l, I have few requests.

For people using linear potentiometers axis ( throttles, mixture, carb heat… ), could it be possible to configure more accurately the extremities of the curve sensitivity?
Not only the "sensitivity " and “dead zone”, also the shape of the response curve… in some cases, a potentiometer need to display a “0 -100% response” in a shorter travel than it actually does.

The name of the commands in the 3d cockpit do not always match the command list…
Could not find the command name for “card heat” (I use a potiimeter for that)

Could not find any command related to.a GNS (Goethe C172 deluxe edition)… with an hardware (realsimgeaf or home.made…)

Could not detect yet any arduino board ( radio panel, audio panel, adf)


I have the same problem with the GNS commands in the 172. I want to connect my Desktop Aviator 530 button / encoder box to the 172 but those commands are missing as best I can tell.

carb heat is engine anti-ice in smaller aircraft…use the engine anti ice commands for aircraft with aspirated engines and carb heat controls.

Well, i found the command but when i assigned my linear potentioneter to it, it does not work

I cannot get a linear pot or a rotary to work via the MSFS commands. I have been able to get them to work via FSUIPC7, But, until the sim-connect issues is resolved I can’t use it.