For those having trouble

It doesn’t help when you jump on here and blast the sim for being inadequate or bad. the flight sim community is like non other where people actually try and help fix peoples problems. if you are having problems it is as simple as just starting a topic and asking for help.
It can be frustrating when all you want to do is fly the sim but keeping cool is key because if you start a topic that says the sim is bad or i want a refund people will be less inclined to ask whats wrong leaving you more upset.

For those that are getting low FPS or Struggling to update

  • Make sure your firewall antivirus accepts microsoft flight simulator

  • Make sure you restart your computer after every update .

  • Check your internet connection is ok you can do a speed test on Microsoft edge or google to check

  • Lower your expectations within the setting not everyone can run on ultra including myself

  • Make sure you don’t have any hi cpu dependent programs running in the backround they can be
    ended via the task manager

  • Check that all your game drivers are up to date that includes all controller drivers and TrackIR

  • Close all back round tasks when playing the sim

I hope this may help a few and good luck


Amen. I feel terribly for those who still can’t download or even start the game, but there are thousands upon thousands who are flying just fine… it sucks, but Asobo and Microsoft will figure it out.


Lol - ^^^ pre instruction checklist to run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - its your fault remember!

When its breaks, its still your fault…

Instructions to run other AAA titles - Install, Run, Play…

What really doesn’t help is people getting on their high horse and preaching what you did wrong that made the game not run.

Some of us are pretty good at this stuff, and it still doesn’t run…

It was presented as a Release Candidate title - not early access…


I myself spent over 3 hours tying to figure it out so it wasn’t smooth sailing for me either

Amen!!! Patience everyone!!!

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The Dev’s pretty much said it was my fault when I reported Fps issues in certain areas.

Lol - Have you tried purchasing a new dedicated PC, with a clean copy of Windows.

I’m just about to clean out a room in my house, I’m waiting for my new PC to arrive, along with the clean windows build.

I’ve also dismantled my driving rig, as that was a potential cause of conflict. I’ve disabled the RGB lighting in my house, and have instructed the neighbours to turn off their WiFi to prevent pre-cockpit 5Ghz frequency interference - which has cause multiple downloads to fail.

My 1GB internet connection is also a potential cause of slowness, so I’ve asked the local ISP when I can’t get 10GB - hopefully they’ll turn up this afternoon.


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I actually went out and bought a hot new 'puter FOR THIS SIM.
started dl’ing at 11pm last night, it’s 9.40pm today and i still have 30gb to go.
my normal speeds are around 200mb, I’m pulling at 20.

pfff. so not happy right now.

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It’s painful took me 9 hours to download 91GB