For those of you with slow download speeds

Give your mother/sister/kid/grandkid a call.
Go make a nice elaborate breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner.
Call that friend that you haven’t spoken with in months.
If you’ve got time to sit there and stare at the download bar, maybe vacuum the floor, or wash those windows.

The only person making a slow download frustrating is you yourself. Go do something in the mean while, come back in a couple of hours, and it might be done. If not? Maybe take a nice walk outside.


yes, very sensible…but will that work with these gamers…???

MMmmm, terrain spikes. Maybe they were deliberate? Something for smug flightsimmers to sit on…moral high ground. :rofl:


Dog’s already been walked. I hate everyone, so why call them. Just eaten pancakes. Can’t watch youtube in case its slows my download to less then 1.1 mbits/s on a 500mb internet.

Is there an accountant running the Microsoft downloads department?


You don’t get it bro this is MICROSOFT we are talking about. I’m not tolerating this bs from this company.

Hey, I just gave some tips to make the experience less frustrating, but sure, if you want to keep making yourself more frustrated, be my guest I guess. Can’t force you to do anything.

I don’t think my mother/sis/kid/grandkid are compatible with this title,
and I do not have enough free resources available to make breakfast/lunch/supper/dinner,
and I just get a 404 error when trying to call that friend,
and I have no free USB slots for the vacuum,
and as for washing windows, I did a full clean of Windows prior to commencing the update,
and I can’t go out due to Covid lockdown :pensive:

Please advise…


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