For those using NV 457.30 driver, please check something

Please go to NV CPL and check what driver version it says you have installed and leave a post here.

So I recently went back to 457.30 driver. It had been working the best, but upgraded to the latest after SU3 before I realized it wasn’t a driver issue.

I then used DDU and uninstalled then installed 457.30 2 days ago. Today I open windows update and noticed that it had installed NVIDIA - Display - update. I then opened NV CPL and noticed the display driver version is now 457.51. Weird huh?

So I re-installed 457.30 then checked windows update and it is trying to download NVIDIA - Display - again. I paused it.

I have never noticed this before. I am curious as to what you guys see.

My NV CPL says I am using the 461.72 driver.


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457.30 here. Make sure when you use DDU, you select the option to disable automatic windows driver updates.

Thanks. But is that the driver that YOU installed, or had you installed a different driver than 461.72?

Thanks. I do. I even disable the ethernet adapter until the install is complete.

No, it’s just what ever Windows installed. I haven’t downloaded anything directly from nVidia.
The Windows Device Mgr. says the driver version is:

Double check - Been on 457.30 for months with no automatic updates :slight_smile: I booted into Safe Mode, ran DDU, disabled automatic driver updates, cleaned nvidia drivers, then rebooted and installed 457.30.

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I’ve got v461.92, and today GeForce Experience says that now there’s a newer version ready to download and install. I’m going to try it and hope for the best.

Yep. That’s how I do it. I even boot into safe mode twice and run DDU a second time because I read on Guru3d to do that. I figured it can’t hurt.

Thanks for your feed back sir.

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There appears to be considerable driver updating going on lately. I wonder if that’s connected with a lot of the performance issues many seem to be having since the last MSFS update…

Is 457.30 considered to be some kind of “gold standard” for NVIDIA GPUs, today?

I dunno, but I swear I was on 457.30 for at least 2 months. I am pretty peculiar about windows updates, that is why I look at the update history and had never noticed this before. The only thing I can think of is that 457.30 is so old, that it needs to go to 457.51 because of some other windows updates that have been installed.

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Yea kinda. Many seem to get the best results with it, especially in VR.

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Ah. Ok. Thanks. I don’t have VR. Anyone notice better performance with it on their non-VR flights?

I don’t have VR either and it is the one I settled on. Just don’t expect it to fix the sim update 3 problems. The drivers don’t seem to play a part in it.

Got it! Thanks. :+1:

What the heck. I installed 457.3 two days ago and now it says 456.7.

Mine still says 457.30, however I did do a clean install so maybe that helps. Any newer driver causes my Pimax Artisan to flicker when trying to fly anything, 457.30 is the only one that is stable for me.

I’ve noticed performance improvements with this latest driver…but I’ve experienced two nasty hard display driver crashes in titles other than MSFS. So I went back to 457.30.
This is all in VR for me though…

Weird ain’t it? I don’t know whats going on. A cursory Google search found nothing about it.

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