Force feedback support

you can try xpforce, it works but you will not have the effect of trim force

Errr… You will.

Deleted my last post since expirimenting with XPforce a little, i might have been a bit harsch. So… review number 2:

XPForce, Well, i bought it, tried it and i’m about halfway satisfied with the purchase. Having read through the manual explained quite a lot about the program and it’s workings.
it’s giving decent feel through the ffb, but the forces feel default. It doesn’t feel agile, as if just the drop of flaps gives it the sawtooth effect, not noting the speed i’m flying. I couldn’t get the stick to go light as i stalled. But the trim definately works. As soon as i set positive trim, the stick steps back a notch. So that’s working. I guess now we have to wait for the proper implementation of progressive/speedrelated ffb, instead of these default effects (from the xbox controllers?!?) Time will have to tell…

until that time: Vote up the thread if you haven’t!

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The French speak to the French!
Hey… Asobo… You did a fantastic job. Is it really difficult to make FFB2 usable with FS2020?
France is the laughing stock of the world today. You have shown your know-how. One more little effort Mr. Asobo. Lots of FFB joysticks are currently sleeping in the boxes. It would be nice to take them out.
Michel from Dordogne.


Please note you’ll get crop by admins, only English is allowed on the forum, and I am French.
Edit: But FFB2 work well with XPForces

OK Bernard. Thanks

I live near Perigueux.
Long live 'au pays de l’Homme "

we need more votes :slight_smile:

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We are high in wishlist?

MSFS already has FF support – its called XPforce

Comes with a very responsive developer, and frequent FREE updates and improvements.

What more can you ask for ???


I don’t know what to think of it. There is no FF by turbulence and ease in stall etc

The settings are not innate, but effective when found.

Obviously you’ve not had a the pleasure of using FSForce in FSX before you commented.
Once set up, the ffb will let you actually feel what the airplane is doing at all times, combine that with Accufeel for added realistic sounds and it’s heaven for both hands and ears.

Whereas XPforce in MSFS2020 only responds to what i’ve just done: Lower flaps: gives rumble, lower gear: sawtooth rumble… touch runway: more rumble with different intervals, it’s just default effects of which the trim is probably the only actual help in the cockpit. No feeling of airspeed effects just yet, only effects itself, without any variation in intensity through airspeed. It’s just mute ffb effects.

If i’ve set it up improperly, i’d love to hear it. I’ve read through the whole manual though… The Xplane version must be amazing.

Once that dev (who issit btw?) gets the right SDK, i’m sure he’ll be on it proper… for now, it’s just not there yet. Still hoping for an epic update in future.

Untill that time, Vote people.



Obviously YOU have no way of knowing !!! I was a beta tester for FSForce !!!

I see XpForce as a start … something is better than nothing… and as the SDK improves, I am confident that the XPforce developer will start to include those additional functions, when they are possible to add.

Support for Joysticks Force Feedback there is a new vote for the DV´s

I think a kind of basic FFB must present in the Sim for all the FFB controllers - just because it looks to me that the current trimming system (via buttons - when we press a trim button trim starts to change more quickly the longer we press the button) is done like we have FFB, like we feel the stick. Why shall I pay for additional software at all? For those who want it to be close to 100%, like in the real-life - yes, XpForce and a kind of this.

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My apologies for jumping to conclusions prematurely N6722C, as i was under the distinct impression you were misleading people into buying an incomplete program… of which i am one.

Please Vote this one up for the wishlist, People.



PS: Even the “i like trains”-dude made it onto the wishlist, lol, why cant we have active FFB…
I bet there’s more old FFB joysticks out there still functioning than we actually know.

You can call most NEWLY released program s “INCOMPLETE” – MSFS being a classic example.

Incomplete is very subjective. Very few programs will ever do EVERYTHING that EVERYONE wants.

(ie- “you cannot please, all of the people, all of the time” )

XPforce does what its documentation says it will do… and is currently the only MSFS dedicated FF support program on the market.

It is in a continual state of development by its author, and all updates and improvements are FREE, so I really cannot see what the issue is.

You can even use it on a TRAIL basics before you decide to purchase, so there is NO “deception”.

As a consumer, you have the responsibility to check what you buy, and make an informed decision … if you just go around Clicking and Buying, without checking what you are spending your money on, then you only have yourself to blame.

That being said, the XPforce developer is one of the most responsive and helpful MSFS developer you could possibly find, and if you really felt that you purchased the product “by Mistake”, you will most likely find that he is more than happy to refund your purchase, and cancel your license to use the product, if f that is REALLY what you want.

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Seriously! We need this support Microsoft

To be specific, we need the SDK support so that talented addon developers can develop functionality, that Asobo will never produce, (for so many reasons), but that add-on developers will excel at producing, with a far tighter connection and response to the needs of the community …