Force feedback support

Voted! I do not have hardware just yet but am looking to make the plunge for a Brunner. Just have to decide between the 3.6 inches of travel or the 6.3 inches. The shorter one is expensive enough but when you spend this much, I guess you want to do it right.

When ever you fly with real Force Feedback for a Joystick, you understand that. But for the most player is more important that the loading screen can be skipped omg

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do not forget to vote here pls Support for Joysticks Force Feedback


You will not get much fine control with only 3" travel. I would only do that if you are really cramped for space.

I decided to get a Fulcrum Yoke for the 8" travel and stick with my FFB2 for Force Feedback.

If there was any indication MS were going to improve FFB support I might have sprung the extra for the Brunner but I can always sell the Fulcrum later (as they are hard to get and should sell straight away) and buy a Brunner.

FS Playground supports FF2. Works fine for me plus it is an excellent app for replay and more.

They mentioned that they will support more control devices.

Interesting do you know how FS Playground compares to xpforce plugin?

Hi there,

Never used XPF sorry.

I did use FS Force though(P3d) and for me FS Playground performs better. Stable and nicely adjustable settings.

I think XPForce has a free trial mode … it only lasts 15 minutes or something but long enough to test it out and see if it works with your gear.

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Thanks for info.

I will try to check later time permits…

Where is the force feedback in the MsFs2020???

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The mod is here: [PSA] XPForce force-feedback will be coming to FS2020!

Maybe later there are Force Feedback coming? I will not buy this sim without force feedback support like all other FS before!!!


Is not really force feedback


Yes MS we want Force Feedback support!!


Yes we need

Ok XPF is not bad. Works similar with FS Playground but for 10 euro more and the extra utilities Offering FSPG I’m not regretting.

But Microsoft can not all push or unload to the third party developer. Force Feedback is responsibility at the present time for a Flightsim and for a MS Flightsim anyway…

Do not forget to vote here please:

Thanks for the interest. Yes, I read it as postponed until he has time. I don’t know when that will be. I was just expressing my disappointment that he had mentioned at first that he was just waiting on the SDK - at which point I bought all my parts for the DIY yoke - then mentions it is postponed indefinitely. I know there is an alternative, but I was really waiting on his software.
XPForce doesn’t seem to return any emails, before and after purchase. I’ve suggested that the program use a fast start when launching MSFS, but no reply. I’d prefer someone a little more invested in their paying customers.

P.S. I appreciate the link above to vote, but this thread has much more votes in it. Can we not just promote this one?

I was under the impression you read that post of his wrong, that’s why i was like “wait m8, he’s still waiting, nothing is cancelled just yet”. Then again, there’s nothing saying that he’ll be upto scrap anytime soon, but one thing is for sure in Russel’s history: he loves flightsimming as much as we do.
So my gut is telling me, he’s not finished just yet… but at least you’ll have the yoke assembly once it hits the market?

Well, the program has an icon which starts up MSFS automatically. (at least, my version is the digital Microsoft store version) Is that what you mean with Fast start?

But, according to N6722C XPF:

“Comes with a very responsive developer, and frequent FREE updates and improvements.”

So i’m sure that Dev is skulking around here somewhere… No clue who it is though.

And yeah, kinda odd to start a new “we want FFB”-thread… but i’m pretty sure both topics are going to be merged soon, once the forum manager sniffs it out :wink:

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