Force Feedback?

Where is the Force Feedback in this game? It was quite good in FSX but none at all in FS2020? I have a MS Sidewinder FF2 joystick and really enhjoy the feeling of FF with that, its very noticeable there isnt any at all in this game. No forces when flying, no ground rumble etc. Why?

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Because FFB in Flight Sim is no longer relevant for some reason.

This came to me as a big surprise. Does anyone know the reason why FFB is not supported? No FFB support brings flight sim closer to an arcade game.

I think the reason was due to the patent troll, who held the rights to FF technology made it expensive for peripheral manufacturers to produce. I believe the patent troll no longer has the patent, so maybe in the future we’ll see it again.

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A couple things I want to point out here:

  1. It makes 0 sense that force-feedback is missing. They are going to need it for console in some capacity regardless of patent trolls. Despite there being a fairly limited selection of FF sticks, I still feel like it would be invaluable as a developer even…to get force-feedback while tuning the aerodynamics systems, tweaking aircraft, and mucking about while tweaking things…At least that’s how I like to do my work anyways…

  2. The MS Sidewinder Pro Force Feedback over Serial connection was/is/always will be, the greatest of all time.


The patent thingy was only for the Joystix-system and NOT for using a ForceFeedback software itself.
IL-2 for ex. - FFB is working

FS Force (Russel Dirks) is working on it… but it still is a MS/Asobo problem.

patience :wink:

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