Forcing users to download update

Why Asobo forces uses to download any updates to their system?

I have limited hard disk space and cannot add more updates till I replace my HDD.
Now I am not able to play the simulator which is very annoying

Either way you would be out of luck.

You cannot use the sim if your PC / Console is on a different version than the live Servers. So you would either

  1. Not get the download automatically and not be able to use the sim
  2. Get the update automatically have your drive fill and not use the sim

This is the problem to force simmers to update or lose the game.
This is not happening in other sims like P3D or XP where we can still use them till they are updated

Hi @HatemTag2004,
There are several wishlists regarding mandatory updates.

One here that you may participate in:

There are others if you search the wishlist. The wishlist is for requesting changes or adding features to MSFS.

The difference being between MSFS and P3D/XP is that this is a ‘live’ game where everyone can fly together without users having to create or host multiplayer servers.

To enable this feature everyone has to be on the same version as the servers. Asobo updates the game on the servers, you have to update yours.

You can always remove any additional content for areas of the world where you don’t regularly fly, or mods that you are currently not using (try addon-linker) or official liveries and planes that you don’t wish to currently use.

You can always re-download them once you have replaced your hard drive.


See I was running su8 at around 40-50fps constantly, everything maxed on a 49" , I had the occasional issues like most of us but it was en enjoyable ride. Now I’m stuck at 25-30fps in the country side, 15 at intl airports. MainThread is overloaded and the RTX3090 ist at 30-40%… why the shift towards CPU with SU9?
Please Asobo, let let the decision to upgrade be mine and give me a way to rollback.

This is not possible as this is an online simulator using live Servers. The Servers are upgraded to a certain version and each users client (PC) has to match.

This is why the update is automatically pushed.

You can also see a similar thread.


In addition to the above, it’s hard enough to offer customer service for one revision. It’s virtually impossible to offer support for who knows how many revisions that there might be if updates weren’t mandatory. And even if you say you won’t offer support for anything but the latest, you’ll still have to deal with a boatload of Kyles and Karens that “want to speak to your supervisor” because they paid their money and they “deserve” the same support.


Not to mention this optional upgrade is allowed in Ex-Plane, and as simplistic as that game is, it even causes issues there. I’m fine with the forced upgrades, because we then all have the same base, and the devs can work on coding one platform version.


Because many of us had been sitting on an average CPU usage as low as 15% ever since the Xbox update .

Considering this actually launched as a PC game, it is embarrassing that there are other Console-to-PC ports out there that continue to make far better use of a PC’s resources…

This is a working progress, but it is a step in the right direction for MS to reverse one of their most controversial decisions ever.

did your performance increase with SU9? My results are infuriating and it’s not due to a lack of resource 9900k @5.2 RTX3090OC… I don’t see the step in the right direction for PC users at all.

why would they need to maintain any older version beside coding for the newest one?

the install base remains the same, there is no need more infrastructure, just allocate x Servers dynamically based on demand per each version supported. this is not rocket science.

Yes, I’ve made very noticeable fps gains, particularly in dense airport environments. But of course every setup is different, so I may be one of few…

The point is that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done on this still and lest we forget, MS have permanently signed themselves up to doing this difficult ‘balancing act’ between Xbox and PC architectures.

You may not see it right now, but the attempts to unlock more of our CPUs can only be a good thing in the long run.

I really don’t know what exactly you did to your system but I run also a 9900k (without overclocking!) but with a RTX 2080ti on ultra at 40fps 4k quite steady besides on ground level at airports (which is a known bug right now).

Anyway keeping legacy stuff is a waste of ressources. Basically as others said it’s not just the build you receive which is affected, also it’s basically all services around like XBox Cloud servers, Bing, meteoblue and FlyAware.

Some of these services may need to make changes on their end to keep the sim being connected or they may force Asobo to make changes if their API is altered, otherwise you would end up with some even more bad result on your end (forced offline mode or even exceptions and constant CTDs)

I think you mean why force us to downgrade? Pretty much every update has been a downgrade since release. The sim has never been better since the day it was released.

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I strongly disagree with this. From the pure aesthetic point of view there surely was a downgrade when it comes to clouds to make the XBox release possible, yes, but since then this has been improved again.

On the technical side, however there is and was and will be a major improvement you seem not to see as you are not interested in seeing this it seems:

  • Getting rid of limitations caused by code which is from ~2003 in many aspects (weather in general, flight models, engine limitations on turboprop aircraft)
  • Introduction of a whole different graphics API (DX12 which is ongoing)
  • Increasing the amount of free to use aircraft (which are also good quality (I DON’T talk about “study level”, I talk about being flyable and well modeled)
  • Implementation of a whole new flight model level with a proper CFD simulation
  • Constant performance optimizations (To be clear you won’t notice this in most cases as it’s about optimizing code to keep performance on a constant level between releases while implementing MORE things which consume computing power)

Also, there is a big issue with the statement: The sim on day one of the release was just the sim - there were no gigabytes of world updates in place, no third party addons, no freeware content and no mods. The devs had just to ensure the 1.0 build works fine for everyone with just a PC out there so they also did not have to deal with XBox specific stuff. The build basically was polished to work for this short period of time.

Right now not just the sim has changed but also operating systems, frameworks and hardware related stuff which needs constant adaption, so I’m not even sure if the first release it would still run just fine with the current Nvidia drivers as Nvidia changed and added much stuff the last months. MSFS is a complex monster, not something like Ace Combat.


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