Ford Trimotor 5AT Completed

Here’s a video of a flight in N414H taken at the annual WAAAM Fly-In last summer. The last part of the video is the flight from inside the plane.

Here’s it’s arrival 2/4/2022.

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The sound on that second video is amazing

I will toss up a link to the photos I took of my ride last year. Great plane.


Any update on a release date?

This was a good question for those of us who like to make our simming life a bit easier. Do we have an answer yet?

Almost all new addon AC promotional videos now just have music and visuals and this tbh annoys the heck out of me. Engine sounds are key to how immersive the addon will be. It’s a pretty important factor for a lot of us in deciding whether to buy it or not. Sounds like the JF Vulcan can just about sell the addon from the get go.

I get that music can build the hype and that but lets hear the engine sounds in these videos too. It is a massive part of the addon and not to have it in a promotional video is a missed opportunity.


Will it also release on the marketplace?

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