ForeFlight compatibility

My understanding is that all such software would require being on the same subnet as the device running ForeFlight, otherwise it won’t see your broadcast packets and can’t pick up the device.

You would need a repeater that’s on both networks, I suppose?

I think you’re right, with Navigraph Simlink being the exception, because it’s reporting to/polling from a web server.

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Yes, Navigraph Simlink connects to Navigraph’s servers, not to Foreflight. Foreflight is meant to be used in flight when you may not have internet connectivity, and expects sensors to be on a local wifi network within the cockpit.

Everyone should be using Fs2ff instead of the Flightevents client. I was dumb, it’s better. :slight_smile:

Once the G1000 is brought into order and works as it is supposed to, I wish to be able to use Foreflight to load my flightplan into the G1000

Don’t expect this from MSFS, but you might see it eventually in the Workingtitle mod. Today, Simbrief import is supported in their CJ4 mod, so I would expect the same.

The “import” from FF to a G1000 isn’t done in a way that would really work in the version in the sim, I don’t think.

That said, its actually good practice to manually enter your plan into the G1000 anyway as a matter of verification/familiarization – but that’s IRL, I know we’re just simming :slight_smile:

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I use another app on my company iPad called FltPlan Go for VFR flying. It accepts data from Xplane, FSX and P3D, I’d love to be able to use it with MSFS too.

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