Forever loading issue after Sim Update 6

At this point I’d just appreciate a statement or something explaining why there are so many issues with what seem to be the servers and why it’s not sorted and when can expect it to be as I just don’t see this being sustainable for those who aren’t the type to fly most days if can’t fly when try.

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Me too…

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FWIW, I’ve had this issue ever since the last WU. For months. It’s existed long before SU6. For me it’s totally random (happens at EGPF and EGLL, my main two airports). Sometimes it’ll load straight in, and sometimes it takes a few minutes… I’ve just gotten used to it and waited it out.

Well, the lowering graphics settings did not do the trick this time… Still having issues at loading.

I really hope the MS and Asobo acknowledge this problem with loading man its become tiresome to do this lower graphics setting ritual :cry:


Sometimes it work sometimes it don’t even load. You may want have reboot your PC and try any other smaller airport and slew to bigger one


It doesn’t look like this bug has been acknowledged in the Known Issues which was updated today…

Last time I flew out of UUEE Airport and it was fine but every now it just hangs at the loading screen forever. Sometimes it’s a hit or miss I would say. Whatever the case with the latest update many locations are taking longer to load.

Soon after updating with SU6 my start up times seemed to be faster. Then suddenly over the last two days the sim takes forever to load, over 5 minutes. No changes to community folder. The loading bar used to zip up fairly quickly to 80% or so and hang for a bit then then I was in. Now it creeps from 80% or so and takes ages to inch towards 100% and then? Nothing! It sits there doing nothing. I check task manager and nothing is going on CPU is at near idle, disks are all 0%, a bit of light data traffic, GPU at maybe 20% (I have Radeon chill set to 31fps). Then it finally shows the welcome screen.

This is nuts.

As for loading flights, it varies a lot. Some are OK, like my local area. Some around the UK take forever.

Maybe because it’s not a bug but unoptimised 3rd party mods including remnants of caused by a failed uninstall or because simply moving or renaming community might not be enough. If it came with an installer then reinstall or uninstall whichever works best.

Also I found a slightly excessive gpu overclock can cause the sim to stop reponding without a CTD at about the same point.

You didn’t read the thread, did you?

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And you haven’t read my post have you?

So last night it came out via offical channels, that Russia’s SVR (foreign intelligence service, use to be under KGB until the 90s) is apparently targeting Microsoft in a similar way to that of the SolarWinds attack. Which will mean the already over ran servers may be struggling more if Microsoft is diverting traffic or has limited capacity.

That is all IF this issue is to do with the server side of things (I cannot say if is or isn’t, I know know its clear from this thread its not a user based problem) this may be what is causing the problems, or at least delaying any investigation, as I can’t imagine the MSFS servers are the priority at Microsoft when being hacked by their ‘enemy’ but this is obviously speculation still.

The only place I have found this issue so far is at EGLC. And I’ve found it only happens when I have Seafront Simulations South East England Vessels add on installed.

I have Orbx London City Scenery and Orbx EGLC but I continue to get this issue at EGLC even with those addons uninstalled.

I turn off the Vessels addon in Addon Linker and EGLC opens fine. I’ve tested it many times and that is the ause of my woes. No idea why!

:100: :boom:the only workaround that works 100 % of time :100: :boom:

  • turn everything off in the data tab
  • choose the airport u want
  • get everything back to normal

Hi mate, what do you mean by Data tab?

Yeah a little more specific please.

What he means is that you have go to data in general options menu there turn off bing data, photogrammetry, weather and multiplayer before loading a big airport then when it loaded turn everything on.

Sometimes setting lower LOD works too around 10.

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Okay thanks!..Tried it, but didn’t work

Try setting low garphics on everything make sure to lower LOD to 10 then turn back everything on as you desire when airport is loaded. When it brings Fly now button

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