Forum Access

Please forgive me if this has already been flagged, but as I have only been able to access the forum for about 5 minutes today, searching for similar posts is not likely to be an option.

Despite constant attempts to get to the forum, I am being greeted with 504 Gateway errors, which probably just indicate that the server on which the forum runs or some other network infrastructure is simply not coping with the demand.

It may be that it’s just me that’s suffering, but either way, I would be grateful if someone at MS/Asobo could take a look.

same here too many pople trying to access the forums

Either that and/or it’s sharing network resource with the installation downloads and the sim itself.

It’s been hard to get in all day. Looks like any capacity testing during the alpha/beta phases might have missed something somewhere.

I’m sure they’ll get it sorted.