Forum Announcements: Bugs/Issues, Moderation, and Feedback Snapshot

Hi all,

We are continually working on improving the forums and have some updates and reminders. Please take a look below.


The first is regarding our moderation practices. First and foremost, the Code of Conduct is linked at the top of the forums. By joining these forums you agree to adhere to the rules.

We would like to remind everyone that there is a large difference between negative constructive criticism/feedback and complaining. We will be more strict about this rule and start to give out more warnings to those who come here to complain rather than give feedback that will be helpful to the devs. We welcome all feedback, even negative feedback, but will be quick to remove complaining for complaining’s sake. This includes repeated spam of the same complaint.

Bugs/Issues and Best Voting Practices

  1. Please post one bug per thread/topic as this will help clean up the voting process. If you post a thread with your overall ‘thoughts’ or 10 different bugs, we will move it to the General Discussion category.

  2. Be clear and concise in your title. Our moderators may rename your title to help the community understand the thread better if necessary.

  3. We are working through how to best move forward with the voting system as there are too many duplicates and issues that are swept under the rug at this time. Moving forward, please remember the following:

    • Use the ‘Search’ functionality (the magnifying glass on upper right corner) to see if your bug has already be posted

    • Check out the ‘Top Voted Bugs’ by clicking on ‘Votes’ in the toolbar. You may find your bug there, and can just upvote it instead of making a duplicate post. Duplicate posts will be merged into the appropriate post.

  4. As a reminder, please submit all bugs for triage to Zendesk.

Feedback Snapshot

The Feedback Snapshot is still very much a work in progress so you will see it continuously evolve over the next several weeks. At the moment, we are working on a new one that will not only show the community priorities (via the voting tool) but also Asobo’s priorities that are not necessarily reflected in the top bugs/wishlist sections.

Also one last note, as you have noticed on the most recent Feedback Snapshot, the ‘Press Any Key to Start’ Wishlist item was slated to go live with Update 4 ( but it was not released today with the update. After investigation, we found it to be an error from our team. While this is being fixed and slated for an upcoming release, it was never meant to come out in Update 4. We apologize for the typo and will update the Feedback Snapshot in the coming Dev Update accordingly!

Thank you all for your time! If you read all the way through this, click the heart button! :heart: Thanks everyone.

The MSFS Team