Forum Languages

I think it will be a great idea to make separate forums for some languages ( French, Spanish, Portuguese…)


agree - that will help a lot because you can’t reed all threds all over the world (don’t forget german :heart_eyes:


I just want to push this suggestion.

It would be great to have subforms for different languages as an increasing amount of users are looking for help here and not everyone is able to speak English.

It would enable us to help those players in their native languages. Currently they get the “Please speak English!” Answer from mods and leave the forum without any help and may even stop playing the game.


Nice thing about this idea: it would allow some spread of users, after 27-juli. This community will grow 4x to 10x in size, depending on questions about flying, and issues found in the SU5 edition (for XBox-X)

I’d agree… however I would prefer the English version to stay available for all users, by means of a shared account. Everyone who is a member, or would sign in, gets the English version membership and the membership of 1 language (choice)

We do not have plans to do this at this time, but thank you for the suggestion!