Forum Tags & User Flairs

New to our forums? Here is a quick overview of how we use tags, and user flairs.


Tags are a way of grouping posts that have similar topics. Once you reach Trust Level 1 you can tag your own topics. Users who are promoted to Trust Level 3, as well as moderators can create tags.

A full list of tags can be found here. Here is an overview of the important ones:

Tag Name Purpose Restricted
announcement Used on posts that contain significant announcements Staff Only
committed The developers have committed to releasing this feature/bugfix this in an upcoming patch.

This tag is used by @moderators to easily find resolved bugs on patch day
Staff Only
dev-update Used on the weekly update threads released each Thursday Staff Only
patch-notes Used on the official patch notes topics Staff Only

Find Posts using Tags

You can filter posts based on a specific tag using the ‘All Tags’ dropdown on the category page, as well as the Latest, New, Unread and Top feed pages.

Alternatively, you can view all posts with a specific tag by visiting the tag page. This can be done by clicking on a tag assigned to a post, or a tag listed on the Tags Page.

Notification Settings (using tags)

To set the default tracking status of a post based on tags, go to your Tag Notification Preferences page:

  1. Click on your profile picture on the navbar
  2. Double click on the user icon in the menu that opens after completing step one
  3. Click ‘Preferences’
  4. Click ‘Tags’

Or browse to{your username}/preferences/tags.

Group Flairs

Our community leaders have a flair next to their profile picture, these flairs indicate what role they hold.

Group Flair Description
Community Managers Community Management Team See Users
Forum Moderators Forum Moderators See Users

This post is a work in progress and will be updated over time.
If you see any issues or have suggestions feel free to reply to @moderator below.