Forward / Backward VR Camera

Spacebar is fine but I want to manually adjust my seat forward position. Some of the aircraft do not match real life seat positions that I fly so I want to be able to get closer in some cases to the panel. How can this be done?

With the move camera up/down left /right forward/back controls. Same as in 2d cockpit.

Alt-Up Arrow will move you forward and Alt-Down Arrow will move you back.The right mouse button will also give you a temporary zoom while you hold the button down.

I have the “Translate” forward, backward, left, right, up, down keys mapped onto the hat switch of my yoke. I use them every time I get into the VR cockpit.

Right mouse button will move you right up close to the panels temporarily, when it is held down.

I use Voice Attack and have voice commands to move me up and down and forward and backward so no buttons needed. :smiley:

I also have voice commands centering the view and also for getting into and out of VR mode.

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Find in the Controls menu the Camera - Cockpit - Translate Forward / Backward and Move Up and Down. Bind those to any button or key you like. After binding, they will now also show up in the General - VR menu.

Works great on my side on a hat-switch.


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