Found my sweet spot for G15 laptop 1660 Ti (Max Q), Ryzen 7 4800HS, 16gb

I’ve tried about every combination possible and have finally (I think) settled on a sweet spot that I’m happy with. Some background…

Asus G15 laptop, 1660 Ti (Max Q… whatever that is), Ryzen 7 4800HS, 16gb

Sometime back I decided I needed to limit my FPS to 30 via the Nvidia control panel. Given that, what could I do with my settings to get things as visually pleasing as possible while still keeping that 30 fps locked in?

My final sweet spot…

Native 1080p, default HIGH settings with the following changes:
The distance/objects sliders to 200

With these settings my GPU runs around 90%, keeps its temp around 70c and gets smooth 30fps in and out of airports, up in the sky, taxiing on the ground, looking around, etc using the TBM (modded by Mugz of course… the only way to fly the TBM). Icon A5 everything runs a little better.

I can also run native 1440p with stock MEDIUM settings with the same performance. I get clearer visuals somewhat (like the dials in the Icon A5) but with 1440p native and everything on MEDIUM, the LOD sliders can only be upped to 75 without introducing stuttering looking around. I fly the TBM mostly and the dials and buttons and such don’t seem to benefit by running 1440p so really under that scenario, I’m trading a little bit of clarity for a lot of loss overall.

Anyway… 1080p, stock HIGH settings for me with the LOD sliders bumped to 200 and it looks and runs great given the “middle of the road” GPU that I have. Getting better than “middle of the road” results I think.


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