Found the culprit to my PC shutdowns specifically with MSFS running!

For the past few months I was able to run the sim with no issues then shutdowns on my rig started happening and this was not happening with no other game or flight sim. At times I was able to do flights with no issues then eventually it became more frequent.
I have been trying to diagnose the issue down to the CPU running hot or the PSU failing. Turns out the perpetrator is the PSU.I do hope it do not knock out my rtx2060super with the current GPU shortages my fingers are crossed.2060super I bought brand new on newegg in mid 2020.
Its a G SERIES SEASONIC 650W Gold+.It shutdown down my rig when I was about to takeoff from KLAS and that was it.
Restarted the PC now my case LED lights did not come on and the GPU fans were at max rpm, something I have never seen before. Seems like all the power was just going to the GPU and no other component was receiving any power.
I shall stay clear away from SEASONIC products. Now on the hunt for a new PSU.For now no simming and glad it did not take my entire rig out.
It worked for less than 2 years btw.

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I got that shutdown on my Silverstone 850W Titanium+ PSU… But after a few sim updates and patches I stopped getting them.

It’s especially true when I crank everything to ultra, so what I used to do is to drop it down to Medium-High, and to underclock my GPU down to at least -500 Mhz. It’s much more stable.

Until the latest update, now I run at stock GPU clock, and Set to Ultra with a few things dropped to High for the FPS. And I have pretty stable flights. I haven’t changed my PSU since the first time I built it 2 years ago.

Thing is I have been running this sim since 2019 during early ALPHA builds literally almost everyday for hours. Looks like I pushed the PSU to its limits.I am checking reviews and seems like the PSU does not even last for more than 2 years.

Did you even bother to read my post.Where on earth did I mentioned anything about overclocking? The card was running on stock when this occurred and a the PSU no longer works even if without the card removed so thanks for the heads-up.
and its a 2060super that I bought in mid 2020 brand new from newegg not a 2060 again you didn’t bother read the post.
What you said makes sense but completely useless to my problem!

Seasonic PSUs and Corsair PSUs are all I’ve ever used for the past twenty years. In that time I’ve had one failure: a twelve-year-old power supply that had not been powered up for over a year. The failure was quite spectacular and also quite smoky. The house smelled of burnt up capacitors for days!

I wouldn’t “throw out the baby with the bathwater” in regard to Seasonic. I have never once had one fail, either at home or at work. The failure of the ancient Corsair was entirely on me; I know better!

Depending on the model of Corsair…it may have been Seasonic also. Corsair just rebadge other people’s PSU’s and the better ones in their line up have traditionally been Seasonic. (They make good power supplies)

Got a Corsair gold rated PSU few days ago.No more random shutdowns! G series is probably not Seasonic best line up.I saw reviews with people mentioned the same one I used failed with them after 2 years of use. Mine lasted 1 year 11th months.I was pushing mine and maybe something could have damaged it.

Probably not… I always thought those shutdown and reboots are part of the safety mechanism to prevent the overloading from damaging the components. So it just shuts down and restart before it could damage anything.

I’ve been having shutdowns like this for over 2 years now, and my components are fine.

I am glad it didn’t kill the rest of my system.Hoping the new one lasts longer.