FOV settings for home cockpit builders

since MSFS is getting better and better it is now possible to use it in Homecockpits.
But for a good View Setup we really need to have the FOV Settings and not only the possibility of creating Windows, which is fine.
But the Options we have to set up the View with this Experimental Windows are really not enough.

So when will we get the Possibility of settinga FOV for us ?


What exact FOV setting are you asking for?

In Prepar3D and FSX i could set this in the aircraft.cfg under [CameraDefinition.x] for my 3 Windows:

LeftSideAngle = -47
RightSideAngle = 24.2
TopSideAngle = 13
BottomSideAngle = -12.8

That defines the “Borders” ( FOV ) for each of the 3 Windows

When you use 3 Screens and sit in a Homecockpit, you sit no longer in the middle of the Screen. You sit on the left or right side of the screen.
That feels in regards of the view out of the cockpit, like your aircraft is always “crabbing” and did not fly/roll straight.

So you NEED to change all the 3 Views. In the Center you need to move the eyepoint so that you look straight forward.
With the available settings we have at the moment in MSFS we can change the eyepoint, but that also “rotates” the View, so you can do what ever you want, you will never feel like flying straight.

Here is a video about that.
This one uses “VewGroups” in Prepar3D, but that explains what we need.

i want to bring this up again and hope the Devs read here.

Just a Question to the Devs, as a Homecockpit user, i have this 3 Monitors, evry one
has a resolution of 3840x1080.
With this setup it is not possible to get a correct View out of the Virtual Cockpit.

  1. You have to Zoom in a lot ( ~70-80% ) to manage a more or less good view from the middle monitor to the right and left monitor.
  2. then the zoom is so much that the front view is too near for sure
  3. the front view setup. With the actual options it is not possible to bring the center line of the Taxiway straight on the Screen.

Maybe you can try this by setting up one system with 3 monitors and then try to create a good view.

After a long long time now…can we expect a better options to set up 3 monitors ???
It would be nice to hear something about that in the next online Q&A video.