FPS are lost during long-haul flights

I like to fly long distance, but after about an hour I can’t enjoy it anymore because I lose my FPS from 60 to 25 during a 9 hour flight. Does anyone have the same problem or how to solve it? The GPU temperature also goes down from 60 degrees to 54 degrees from the beginning of the flight. And I also have the graphics settings set to medium to high for the most part.

32 GB Ram
RTX 2070 Super
i7 9700K


Anything running in the background or scheduled?

Traffic settings? IIRC there were issues with live traffic during long flights. I’ve also seen issues with AI traffic unfortunately.


Off topic: what resolution are you running @Chemic3I


actually I fly with live weather but without live players but only with AI planes. Do you think that makes such a big FPS difference when I turn everything off and only fly with live weather?

Possibly yes, but if so it’s because of bugs and not that traffic is that demanding in itself. I’ve seen posts about similar issues where the FPS graph was basically just a straight line going down and down and down the further he got into a US-AUS flight.

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I just turned off the live flight traffic and now have plätzlich from 32 Fps back to 60 :smiley: thank you very much

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Ausgezeichnet! :wink:
Did you change during the flight or start a new one? I’ve wanted to change during a flight several times but I don’t know how, (if it’s possible).

no i have made the setting in the running flight and everything has fit :slight_smile:

what aircraft are you flying?

the standard 787

huh ok how many waypoints, are you using any mods?

i only have the pushback mod and the 787 heavy mod with the pmdg dc6 in my com. Folder

That’s great, but how did you change the setting mid-flight? :slight_smile:

Escape settings-traffic-and then AI traffic from real-time online set to Off


Having FPS loss here during a long-haul too. Started the flight with live-traffic and then returned to all traffic off. Unfortunately, the problem remains for me. This workaround used to work in SU4, but after this patch, it seems to not work anymore. Any advice?

Had this issue in the A320NX on a flight from Iceland to Svalbard. About half way throught FPS dipped to 10, recoveree to 45 for a bit and then dropped to 17 for the rest of the flight. My GPU was running super hot during this time too.

For me it also helped that I set the glass cockpit refresh rate to low. This brings additional FPS

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I tried this too before you even commented, but it didn’t work. Thanks for the help anyway.

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