FPS average?

Just wondering what the average fps is, let us know , my average is 45 on high end default settings, I7 7700, 32 ram, gtx1660ti Although i may not want to know, could put me on a quest for more fps, I’m happy with 45

I am having very similar results like yours 45fps>50fps but this is 1440p on a Ultra/High settings 1080p the average is around 60fps in rural areas.I am even satisficed with 30fps,most important to me it remains consistent.

FPS over 30-40 doesn’t matter at all, except if you want to fly just above ground level in aerobatics planes I guess. Or if you just want to brag / show off I guess.

It will certainly matter with VR but I agree 30-40fps in a civilian flight sim but on 2D is a good experience.Any sim that has fast pace movements you mentioned aerobatics I prefer DCS to be at least 60fps with trackir.
Also some of us use trackir and it to me its a better experience 45fps+ for smoother head movement

Ryzen -3600 cpu, Super 2600 gpu, 1080p monitor. From 29 to 52 down low.
Up high in the clouds can get to 70 or sometimes (rarely) over 100 f.p.s. (when there is no ground scenery).
I think the gpu is way more important than the cpu in this sim (it was the opposite in FSX I would say).

With a 1080p monitor, even a big 32" one, f.p.s. will not be anywhere the near a problem for any system meeting the official specs, I would guess.