FPS Comparison RTX 3080 vs. RTX 3090 with MSFS


the title says it all. So far I was not able to find a Fps comparison of both cards under MSFS.
Only in other games.

I would be very interested to see the results in Ultra and 4k.

Still unsure which card to choose.

Best regards Andi

From 2:11:


Thanks. Overlooked that when I skipped through the video the first time. Only 5 FPS more for 800 additional bucks :frowning:

Im wondering if the developers will improve the software somehow in the future so that the 14GB extra RAM will become more important?

I would imagine the eventual move to DX12 will help.

For now the whole 3xxx line is a non starter for me.

The 3080 I think has to little RAM to be future proof
The 3090 is to expensive for the performance boost in MSFS.

I’m hoping that at 3080 Super/TI/??? comes out around the $800 mark sometime with 16GB ram.

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Rumors are going around concerning a 20gb 3080 variant.If those are true that is the GPU to wait on.I am in the boat also holding off and would like something with more than 10gb of vram.

That would be up my alley. I really have no beef with the performance numbers the 3080 is putting out. But I worry that 10GB will not be future proof enough.

I’m still waiting for Zen 3 to be announced as well as im on an X570 board.

There is nothing wrong with 10gb but imo I do not think its enough for 4k which is my aim.Otherwise it should be ok on 1440p.I won’t worry about future proofing with hardware as things change so quickly in tech.