FPS cut more than in half with new update

I had previously been achieving 50+fps in rural area and 30+ even in the most dense cities (for example, New York). After the update, my FPS is in the low 20’s or even less no matter where I am flying. I have been so happy with my system’s performance until yesterday. My graphic setting have not changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My specs are as follows:
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080 GT
Processor: i7-7700, 4.2 GHz, 32 gb RAM
And I just updated graphic drivers

I have tried going back to the previous graphics drivers by doing a clean install of them?

It was doing the same thing before I updated. The driver updated didn’t make it any worse.

Also, my cpu and gpu usage are in the low 30% range

Turns out it wasn’t the update. I had AI traffic turned on. When I went back to real world, I’m back to nearly 60 FPS and my gpu usage jumped from the 30’s to nearly 100%. I had a message on the dev mode that said “limited by main thread”. This went away with real world traffic. DON’T FLY WITH AI!

Hmm strange i dont have AI traffic on and my frames are 25-30,on update to i had 38-40 fps …

Intel I9 10850K


32Gb of mem

Can you check your cpu/gpu usage? Mine was extremely low until I switched off AI traffic

i lost much performance over the last updates. i was able to play 4k at hight preset and now i need to set it on low to have stable 30fps