Fps drop sharply when taking off n landing

Anyone got the same issues with me ?

Whenever im taking off or landing , the fps will have a sharp drop (for like a few mili sec) after that it will maintain fps above 40 on ultra setting( i tried both high n medium setting but the problem still occurs) so is it a bug or ?

My pc specs:
Ryzen 5 3500
Rtx 3060 ti
16gb ram
1tb ssd for sim only
Ultra setting
Latest version of msfs
Bought from Microsoft store

Look here, perhaps you may find help.

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Having the same issue. gpu-Amd radeon rx 5700 xt
cpu-Amd ryzen9 3900x 12 core processor with windows 11
16gb ram
1 tb storage.
I read on znet that there is an issue with caching on amd processors using microsoft products. especially if you are running windows 11 like me .both companies are aware about the issue and are trying to have it resolved by the end of october.

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It seems like i solved it by uninstall fbwa320 development-version n install the stable version.
U can try if u are using fbwa320 development version

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How did you delete the Fly By Wire A320? I do not see it in my community folder.

Use the fbw installer to remove n install the plane

For me, the problem affeds all planes, not just FBW A32NX.

It happens with all planes for me as well. I checked and don’t even have the FWBA320 installed.