Fps drop with real traffic/aig/fsltl

Here is some proof although the image is compressed. FSTL I will loose 5-10fps


DLSS Quality

I will get more fps in the air.

Atm I am back to TAA.Much better quality on the instruments

Do you got special settings? I think something is lowering my fps.as I get no one frame more in dlss.

Texture resolution= high. Super Sampling 4x. Motion Blur and DOF OFF. TLOD 150/ OBJ 200.
All the rest Ultra. Shadow maps 2048. Terrain shadows 1024.
Back to TAA most settings are now set to high.

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Yeah, I have been experimenting with DLSS (8086K i7 natural clock to 5ghz, 2080ti with 11gb vram and 32gb ddr4) has shown some “smoothing,” I’ll just say. Not outright increase in FPS. Glass refresh rate set to low.
In not all cases…but some…turning FSLTL down or off has increased performance.
Sometimes it has no impact or hardly at all.

Every “feature” added to MSFS or enabled in MSFS such as Real Traffic, AIG, or FSLTL has to use additional CPU processing. This additional CPU processing “steals” the CPU from creating graphic frames for the GPU. Even though CPUs are have many cores and are multiprocessing, there are files that are being accessed and network activity. The CPU cannot create frames fast enough for the GPU. This is why the FPS drops with additional features. Upgrading to a faster CPU won’t necessarily improve FPS due to the amount of network activity and disk accesses.

There are two ways to temporarily fix this issue. One way is to artificially limit how many GPU frames are being processed. If the CPU can send frames faster than 30 per second, limiting FPS to 30 will prevent FPS drops. The other way is to move graphics processing from the CPU to the GPU. By shifting processing from the CPU gives it more processing for graphic frames increasing what the CPU sends to the GPU. The GPU will finish processing the frames driving up GPU utilization.

As long as FPS is GPU limited, no FPS drops will happen with additional features. If too many features are enabled or CPU graphics processing is increased, as soon as the FPS becomes limited by MainThread, FPS drops will be very visible.

I’m glad im not the only one to experience this.

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Same here on my system, i always fly on Vatsim with FSLTL aircraft models. Offline (=without any planes) i get stable 30 FPS at EGLLv3 and it is super fluid (and looks great btw!).

But when i connect to Vatsim the FPS goes down to almost 25 (depending on online traffic), so hard stutters occur…hm, don´t know, tried to deinstall FSLTL and will check if AI Models from IVAO provide better fps…or as said in a thread above Simple Traffic could also be better on fps, there is a project to put that aircraft models into Vatsim vPilot, gonna try that, too.



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Thanks for the hint with simple traffic, gonna try that in combination with vPilot:
Simple Traffic for VATSIM vPilot


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same for me before latest su 11 beta updates constant 30 fps with aig at 100 percent traffic- now 20 fps…

12900k 5ghz 4090

So once again a reply from my side.

As i only fly on VATSIM i already tested different types of model matching sets in order to get the correct liveries and aircraft types (i tested FSLTL, IVAO MTL and now Aerosoft Simple Traffic).

So because of your hint i bought Aerosoft Simple Traffic and added the vmr file to vPilot (Vatsim Pilot Client). In my mind the best option concerning FPS and not so hard on frames like other models.

So right now i have mostly fluid approaches in and out of EGLLv3, perfect - thanks again for your input!


Reply to my own post :slight_smile:
What i noticed with Simple Traffic and VATSIM is that the planes are “jumping” while moving (e.g. on their taxi route etc.).

Don´t know if i had that with FSLTL, so anyone else can confirm that?

Found a posting on another forum stating it is a limitation of the MSFS SDK…strange, because i never noticed that behaviour before.

A video to show you the “jumping” sequence:


This jumping has happened for a long time, kaiii3 said it was because the planes cannot track changes in terrain, and this is the end result.

Ok thanks, so that happens no matter what AI Traffic i use, right? Never noticed that before to be honest…


I have that same issue. For example I would try the new KPHX scenery and my frames are locked at 30 and I can unlock the frames and I would be in the mid 40s low 50s depending on where I look at and with no AI. Turn on VPilot for Vatsim and use FS Traffic and FSLTL for traffic. There would be about 7 planes landing and at the airport. I would get a massive frame drops from 30 to 24 or even 15 when looking around in some areas. Then it would go back to 30 after like 15 seconds. Now if I disconnect from VPilot then back to solid 30. I’ve noticed that ai traffic does cause major stutters in the sim even with little traffic enabled. I dont use default ai and I have that turned off. Other airports also have that issue. Major frame drops with traffic enabled even with the FSLTL injector with fairly low settings. Then I would turn off the injector and a solid 30 again.

My specs

Asus Tuf Gaming Plus B550
Asus Ryzen 9 5900X
64GB DDR4 Ram 3600Mhz
EVGA 850W Power Supply
1 TB NVME PCIE gen 4
Viewsonic vx2757
Windows 10

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