FPS goes down hard after short time in SU6

With LOD 400 all fine 52 FPS, after like 15 MInutes-20 in Flight same area nothing changes i got 35 FPS…Before this Update that never happens even after long flights…

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I suggest monitoring your temperatures.
Many have been realizing the graphic enhancements added have increased the load on their system. If you have also dialed up the LOD along with the other improvements, it is entirely possible you are reaching a thermal limit and are the victim of throttling.

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No its CPU Limit not GPU Limit, and either my CPU or GPU are Throttling. Its a bug.

Specs are 9900K and 3070 32 GB RAM DDR 4000.

GPU is at like 70%. They did something to me that decrease Performance after short time.


Which would result in excessive load on the CPU causing a rise in temps.
Maybe have a quick read through this thread. You are not alone, and I really don’t want to retype the entire conversation. Lazy that way.


As said my temps are ok and was before SU6.Thanks anyways


Good luck to you then. Be sure to ZENDESK your bug if you would like Asobo to deal with it.

given up hopes with zendesk and bugs and Asobo, every update make the sim worth.

Mutiplayer Online AI Mode ON?

Live AI and MP was on, but when the FPS drops i disabled Live Ai but this doesnt helped.

I’ve done a 3 hour flight so far in 787 and don’t have any FPS drops (significant ones)

I’m also seeing a performance deterioration over time that I wasn’t seeing prior to the update. Both my flights have been about 1 hour, and I’ve lost about 30% of my frame rate on both flight. I had to restart the sim after my first flight because the fps stayed in the crapper after my first. On restart, it was fine. On approach now for my second flight, and my fps is again about 30% lower than it was at the start of the flight, and about 30% lower than it typically is here.


Frame rate plunged down even lower as I was coming in to about 5 NM. Then CTD on 1 mile short final.


I completed a long haul 14 hour flight from KLAX-YSSY with the mod 787 everything on, and ultra high settings 4K and not an ounce of FPS drop


Remember that there was a major server outage yesterday and a bit today plus many playing/simming, downloading/installing at the same time so that can take a toll as well. Wait few days to really see if it’s a bug or not


52 fps in Ultra + 400 Lod seems unrealistic with your system, I have a similar system like you and get about 30 fps with same settings.
I9 10900k
32 gb 3200


it depends on where you fly i had just no big towns , mountains over nothern germany.
i always fly there with like 40-60 FPS at UWQHD and Ultra, but i have to turn down the clouds sometimes. And in this Areas i now get 35 after like 20 minutes.

there must be something going on here.

Agreed. My 2080TI couldn’t do that, so I picked up a 3090. With LODs at 9 in the cfg file and everything maxed/Ultra and some change, 52 is a stretch to maintain even for me.

LOD from 200 to 400 does not get more load on my GPU but FPS going down, so thats CPU Bottleneck-.

anyway thats not the problem, problem is the significant 20 FPS drop out of nothing after 20 minutes. i can go back to lod 200 then but still fps are down to much.

Yeah, increasing LOD to 400 just kills my CPU. No noticeable effect on my GPU.

Basically, they cut the LOD hardcore for SU5 to scale it down for Xbox. Now they’ve given it back to us as “beyond ultra”. I tried setting LOD to 400. Gives me about 15 fps. That’s what I used to get prior to SU5 with my LOD at 200. I can’t use LOD above 200. It just murders my system.

Yea and the new 20 minutes and half fps bug makes me sad